Post photos of your pets!


This handsome guy has been by my side for days. He even refused to go outside and play! Wish I could cuddle w/him today too but it’s time to try to go back and join the land of the living! Love this boy.


It’s from a couple weeks ago at this point, but this is one of my favorite pics I’ve taken of either one of our dogs. Pearl scanning the neighborhood for danger.


Finally got a picture of my orange tail shark fish.



best friends :dog::cat::heart:



Guessing chihuahua/golden retriever mix? Very cute.


Waiting for daddy’s train to arrive


This reminds me of the movie Hachi. :sob:




Steven is finally fully crate trained after 4 months of exhausting (and expensive) work!!! (No I do not leave him in there with his coat and collar, just wanted the picture)





Three in a row for a win!


She’s a tired pupper. Got to run around with a couple of Frenchies tonight. She was well behaved, and my friends loved her.



Alwaaaays gotta be touching his momma! Today be tried to lay his head on my paints numerous times because he wasn’t quite close enough lol.


Waiting on the winter storm.



so loving and a great walking buddy :smiley: