Post photos of your pets!


It’s an older photo but I’ll post it anyways.
My birds start liking the outside of the cage more :smile:


I so grateful for this little guy. Little pup, big heart.



cat love :heart_eyes_cat:


Cats are awesome and yours are so cute.




When all you want to do is play but you’re not allowed cos you’ve just eaten breakfast and you have to wait for it to go down


Samsquanch is so tired…


How cute! And what a great name. Is that Trailer Park Boys inspired?




Nicely done Butch, that’s amazing!!


These guys are cracking me up this morning!


Sasha hates the sound of thunder


This girl!


Haha, that cracks me up! Hope you’re doing well girl!


Thanks! I am doing great. This dog is my penance for always having mild-mannered, easily-trained dogs. She keeps us rolling and head shaking, that’s for sure! Luna Louise.


Bahaha, you have one of those too? Colton is mine and I am ALWAYS laughing at him! Which never helps training lol.


She’s throwing him some serious shade right now lol!



Absolutely gorgeous. I love the close up of the teeth.