Post Your most inspiring photos of Nature


Me too, but haven’t lived there in general for years :slight_smile:


beautiful hike a couple days ago. So grateful to live where I live. Love the west coast.


I little moth close by at my home window. He looks like a wise old man to me.



So after talking you I had to do my homework and make sure I was giving you the right information. So the yellow leihua cones from the yellow ohia leihua tree just like the red leihua comes from the red ohia leihua tree and for the longest time you could only find red leihua on the Big Island had something to do with Pele but thats another story.

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Quiet hike to a small hilltop lake


When I lived on the big island and every time I’ve visited after, I never saw the yellow leihua… It’s really beautiful. I guess I should visit the other islands more often. I lived on Oahu as well.

Love all your pictures, adds a very nice vibe to the forum


I goin go dive today



Some big sunflowers :sunny:


So lovely! I wish I could go bodyboarding again. I moved inland. Great shot! So pure!

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I took this shot yesterday while out on my walk and I wrote “Just Today” on it and made ut my desktop wallpaper. It reminds me that I dont have to be sober for 365days or a lifetime, I can’t do that today, I can just be sober one day at a time, Just Today! God Grant me the Serenity to ACCEPT the things I cannot change COURAGE to change the things I CAN and the WISDOM to know the difference.

Have a sober day friends! Much love!
See how you can bless someone else today, help someone up, encourage another addict who has fallen, speak life. Do something fun apart from your addiction. Life in recovery is much more fun and healthy. I thank God today I am 6days8hours sober from the hell of pornography. Pray for me to be sober tonight then I have 1week of sobriety. I hate porn I hate objectifying women, I hate isolating myself. I love Jesus I love sobriety I love sobertime I love my sobrrtime friends, I pray for the lost hurting and abused women I used to objectify. Please pray for all those suffering from porn addiction it is truly hell on earth!




I was going through some pics on my phone and found this from our trip to Yosemite.


Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures.
But I had an amble through Hyde Park yesterday on my way to meeting Dan. It was about 9ish so early enough for the feelings to be fresh. I could have taken the tube, but I thought, what the hell, it’s a nice day.
I am so glad I did.
I’ve been there before in the past, but it felt to me like I was viewing it for the first time.
The trees were tall and in full leaf, the sun’s rays striking through here and there, creating pools of light. It was so peaceful and Serine. Hard to believe it is surrounded by the hustle and bustle of one of the worlds largest cities!
I chose to listen to music as I walked, and believe me, I will not be able to listen to Radiohead in quite the same way.


My venus flytrap is growing a foreign object :roll_eyes:


That’s a rizhom. It’s how the plant reproduces. It’s looking for soil and if it finds some, it will make a root system. When it has sufficiently rooted, the runner stem will dry up, and the new plant will stand on its own.


Awesome! I didn’t know that. This is the most high maintenence plant ever lol

I love watching her eat!


Just a little macro I took some time ago


This is about 30 mins outside of my hometown!