Pouring out the poison

Hello! Just checking in. Today is day 17 and I just poured out the rest of my alcohol. It was foolish of me to even keep it in the house but I was telling myself that I will keep it for when we have our next gathering, then my guest can have it. I poured out 12 beers, 1 bottle of wine and a half bottle of Jameson. I feel like so much weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Nothing is going to get in the way of my sobriety. So happy to be sober today!


Well done, I did this and for once you don’t feel so powerless. Taking back control :+1:.

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Absolutely!! Feels great! Thank you!!

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Nicely done!! That can be the hard part for some people, it was for me , but I felt better afterwards knowing there isn’t any in the house to tempt me.

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Congrats Lulu on pouring everything out and on 17 days. I did the same thing but I still have them in my fridge. I keep them there as a reminder that I don’t need that shit. Being sober is beautiful.


Thank you and I definitely agree!!

Thank you and very beautiful!! :slight_smile:

17 days is amazing. Good job on that and dumping the rest. You’re worth more than what’s in the bottle. Good on you for making that choice.

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Congrats!! Smart move dumping it!! It does feel liberating! Keep staying strong! :muscle:t3:

Thank you so much! :heart:

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Thank you so much! :blush:

Cool you poured it all out…Its all an empty pit of shit…

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Very true!

That’s interesting. I’m on 139 days but I still have lots of alcohol in the house (many gifts from Xmas when I was drinking). Including a lovely (in terms of the label design) bottle of Uruguayan dessert wine.

I don’t ever open the cabinet. I guess there’s part of me that thinks “I can’t go back to how I drank before” and another that cannot conceive of a future without alcohol.

But I let that rest. Knowing that I could drink, that it’s there if I want it feels empowering. Its difficult to explain but it’s working for me. I’m not recommending it but so far, so good.

Love to all who are on this tricky journey. X


Congratulations on your 139 days, that’s awesome! Thank you for sharing your story. Hey whatever works for you, as long as we stay sober no matter what! I understand where you’re coming from as well. :blush:

I feel this.


I feel the same way - that there’s apart of me that wants to go back and drink. But mine is wanting to avoid the hypocracy of drinking if there’s an opportunity, like you never know maybe Willy Nelson will invite me on his tour bus. :joy: But the reality is that my brain neurons are working against me to leave the opening to go back! But it is helpful to just get rid of the stuff! Fortunately for me I drank all my designer and collector bottles!

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I had an internal monologue yesterday. It was a hot day and I was seriously contemplating a big G&T in the garden. Of course it wouldn’t be just one though!

So, I chewed it around for a bit. I have the gin, ice and Grapefruit at home. All I needed was the tonic. But I felt in control of the decision. I decided no, not today. Not a good move.

So I came home and had ice cream instead!


get rid of that gin your setting yourself up for trouble. Well done this time on holding it together but if you didn’t have alcohol in the house it wouldn’t be an option in the first place.


Is this how you honestly feel? Or are you lying to yourself? You have a backdoor. If you really want to use, the booze is within reach, I’m sorry, but that’s really not smart. The empowerment you feel is your addiction talking, not you. Your addiction is trying to make you think that you can eventually drink again this way. You can’t, you’ll relapse and die. That’s just the way it is.
I hope this helps you come to your senses, good luck :smiley: