Prayers please

Day 38 today. Just got some very devastating news about one of my beloved cats, and now I need to make some really tough decisions. I just need prayers and positive vibes please. As soon as the vet told me my mind Flashed to stopping by the store on the way home to get a bottle but I didn’t. Trying to hang on and remain sober but this is really tough. I know it won’t help anything and I think I only thought about drinking because that has always been my go-to plan for numbing pain. I’m going to sit here & cry until I can’t anymore and then go to bed. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow :worried:


So sorry to hear about the bad news but really glad you reached out here rather than taking a drink. You are doing the right thing. Cry it out. Lean into the sharp points. The way to get to the other side is to get through it. You got this. I’m sending heaps of positive vibes, virtual hugs and wisdom, strength and courage your way :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


Everything @aircircle said. You’re not alone!

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Hang in there…i know this is super shitty but life is about feeling and dealing with what comes are way…thats how we grow…im sending you positive vibes big time…

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So sorry. I’ll pray for you. I’m glad you didn’t give in and buy any alcohol. You’ll get through this,you will.

So sorry to hear about yor cat, yours too @anon30771928.
I know how it feels. I’t your buddy and you would do anything to keep him with you.
Alcohol isn’t doing that. You cannot drink just one. And it’s not helping one bit.
So glad you didn’t drink, but came here instead. Today is a brand new day and you can cuddle your cat sober.
Hang in there! :heart:

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