Pregnant and thinking about the future

I am due to give birth in ten days. I was already devoted to sobriety when I discovered I was pregnant and have had zero issues staying sober throughout. But sometimes I doubt my ability to keep it up afterwards. I’m not sure why, because I had a successful two months under my belt before these past 9 months. I guess I feel like the pregnancy made it a no brainer and now I’m concerned that when he arrives I’ll go back to thinking about it, wanting it, making excuses for it… My husband has been sober about the same amount of time but feels more lax about getting back into it “for special occasions” which I think is effecting me too. Because I don’t want to do it again and I feel strongly about not exposing my son to a mother who drinks. Anyway, I think getting this off my chest may be all I really need so I appreciate the ability to do so. Thank you :pray:


I got nothing you stole it all,

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If u have strong will and a plan, u can stay sober. I thought “look I CAN quit, I must be all better” and slid slowly right back into drinking after pregnancy and bf-ing. Be aware and don’t fall into the same trap I did. I am sure u won’t, after all, u have the awareness to ask the question!

Hi @MRae, welcome to the forum! You are way ahead of me, I drank for 8 more years after my twins were born. I didn’t get to my “bottom” until my texts and emails started to feel out of control and my work was compromised. So good for you.

Everyone’s different but I needed to go to AA and get a sponsor to quit. After I had quit for a while, I made a plan everytime there was goung to be alcohol around and thought I might be tempted to drink. Like having someone I could call or text, or something I could do instead of drinking. First rule for me was: no alcohol in the house!

Congrats on your baby-to-be!

Your not giving yourself enough credit! I think it sounds like you know exactly what kind of mom you want to be. Every morning just remind yourself what’s important. One day at a time :blush:

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Congratulations on your 11 months and baby on the way!! It sounds like maybe a good time to sit down with your husband and let him know your honest truth…you want to continue with your sobriety. His sobriety is his own business for sure, but you can let him know it is important for you to stay sober. Believe me, a newborn is not a lot of fun to listen to cry when hungover, thru no fault of their own of course. :heart: You are a strong person and looking to stay healthy and present for your self and your family, that is a wonderful thing. Even if he isn’t 100% on board, you can still stay sober, a bit more challenging, but look at how far you have come and how much better you feel about yourself. :heart: You can do this!!

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