Progress but want more

So I made it a month and 4 days without porn and my next goal is to stop masturbating but I think this one will be a lot harder so I keep postponing. I’ve been using masturbation when I feel really horny as a substitute for watching porn and masturbating but I also want to stop masturbating. I figured if I could learn to live without porn my urge to masturbate would dissipate which in a way it has but I still want to stop all together. Any advice?

Exercise self-discipline to restrain lust. That’s my advice. I have a problem with rude and disrespectful people, and have an extreme urge to punch them in the face. No kidding. However, I have had to learn to restrain myself, through self-discipline, as I could spend my entire day, throwing straight rights, but this really would be counter-productive.

Good for you, eliminating porn. I wish you well in your journey to be free from unrestrained lust.