*progress!* Last time I SH my boyfriend got so upset he did too. Today we are 15 days clean

This app is helping me visualize the promise I made to never go back to self harming. The community here is wonderful. I know this addiction is easier to beat than substance addiction but I’m proud of where he and I are at today. Today we are at 11 months and have wonderful plans to celebrate our 1 year anniversary next month!


That is wonderful, keep working hard. You both deserve happiness and a life free of chains. You should both be proud. Keep lifting each other up!!!

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Don’t sell yourself short. I may only have experience of a narcotic addiction but I’m well aware that every addiction has it’s own challenges and are all hard to overcome. Your doing fantastically well, congratulations :+1:

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As Gareth said, any addictive behavior is difficult to stop once you’ve started it. From what I understand, SH releases endorphins just like opiates does to drug addicts. I’ve met people who drank, used drugs and indulged in SH, and were able to stop all but SH. They would be successful for a short time but always went back. Congratulations to both of you for being 15 days free of SH, and 11 months as a couple.