Proud of me!


I know it’s super early on, but I just had my 3rd night sober, and a Friday night no less!!! I had urges, but thought how much better I’d feel in the morning without a hangover.
Heading to the gym this morning and a day filled with positive activities.:grin:


Good for you! I am hitting the gym today too! I love the relaxation I feel after a good cardio workout/ decent sweat. I have exercised regularly every 6 months or so in my recovery for a few months, I usually start again when I am having cravings for benzos related to stress. I am still trying to figure out how not to stop because my life is so much more pleasant and manageable with exercise in my life! When things get good and get busy its the first to go. A new years resolution this year is to treat fitness as a necessary part of my recovery. I have co-opted a sponsee who was also in need of alternative forms of stress management outside the rooms of AA and we have been keeping each other accountable for a few months now, just trying to use my codependency to my advantage :wink: Good luck with your strong start!


Maybe try and go a meeting JenSas they might help you on your journey ,they helped me stay sober up till today wish you well


Proud of you, as well! I am also recently sober and the evenings / weekends are understandably sometimes the hardest. Great job thinking ahead and being proactive!