PTSD and recovery

PTSD and recovery? what are some suggestions, in terms of wanting to drink in terms of flashbacks, nightmares, disassociation, panic attacks etc?

It helps me to remember that although I will face those things again and again and they may make me seem pathetic sometimes they don’t actually last that long. Once it’s over I sometimes even feel glad I kept it together and managed to hold a simple conversation or something during a flashback or panic attack. It’s the only way I’m going to recover. Putting up with it and trying to carry on like normal I mean. Drinking makes all that worse for me up to a week or maybe even two after I quit and I mean it. If you really slow down and take a good look you could probably find a similar connection with your PTSD and drinking. Those sorts of reasons help me. I can say for a fact unless you’re drunk 24/7 when you’re recovering you’re going to be much less able to deal with anything even resembling stress let alone your symptoms. You will always have PTSD if you keep drinking to deal with it. Don’t you hate it? You can get through mental stuff as long as you’re not taking something that messes with your brain. Remember it’s all a temporary mind game even though it seems like its not and you make the rules.