PTSD anyone?


Yes. I went through an extraordinarily horrific experience watching my mother die in front of me which precipitated my unhinged drinking. I’ve been to therapy to deal with that but didn’t get on the “oh shit, I have a drinking problem” train until more recently. 2 days after going sober (I’m only 10 day out) I started having nightmares again. So it just reaffirms that I have a lot more work to do mentally, and emotionally, to make this happen…


Keep it up! It’s the hardest lesson I’ve had to learn (and am still learning), but 12yrs after my incident I’ve come to accept that there’s purpose in pain. Look to those around you, helping others can give life an amazing purpose!


My PTSD is acting up. I’m a Medic in Ventura County. I had the Borderline shooting then the fires.tryinv not to get triggered.


Non military here, caused by multiple different traumatic experiences. A lot of us struggle with it, it seems.
After a lot of trauma therapy, not drowning it away in alcohol and facing it, it has gotten somewhat better. Still sometimes rears up with the nightmares, intrusive thoughts, inability to focus, etc but I’m really trying to put in work to help me get a handle on it. It was a huge factor in my drinking for a long time and feels like a lot to conquer at once but I’m giving it my best.


Its not bad anymore unless I get drunk and the memories come up. But 4 years ago I went to an inpatient treatment center to get help with that and my drinking and they had me go through EMDR therapy. I highly recommend it.


Yes, I have it as well. I have the combo of anxiety, depression, and PTSD, which seems to be a pretty common combo from what I have been seeing.


Yes, me too. I’ve had years of therapy and EMDR twice. I have to remind myself that the traumatic events of the past are over and done.


YUP! I most certainly am.


Yes. From childhood trauma–I grew up in an extremely violent home–and then marrying an extremely violent Vietnam vet who also has PTSD. It took a lot of effort, but I understand PTSD in its many manifestations pretty well now. A book called “Achilles in Vietnam” by Jonathan Shay at Harvard helped a lot, and the Gabor Mate books mentioned. I also worked with the Seattle Veterans Action Center for a long time with my ex, because he was always getting into violent confrontations. And he didn’t (and doesn’t) drink!