Question: bloodshot eyes in alcohol recovery

Dear all,

I am on my day 8. Sadly, I still have the ugly bloodshot eyes of those constantly hungover. I am disappointed of course, but then I also had a lot of trouble sleeping in the past days - last night was my first full night of sleep in the journey. Of course I am 37, probably I will never have they dewey eyes of fresh youth… but I still really look forward to have a fresher and healthier look at some point.

For those of you with more days to your name (or simply those with brighter eyes), long did it take for your eyes to clear up a bit?

I think my eyes weren’t bloodhot ever in my recovery :hugs: But don’t worry, every body is different! Your body is still detoxing and balancing out so give it time! I think your young enough to get those dewey eyes back again :grin:
Give it time and a couple of good nights rest! (It takes a while untill you sleep patern is normal again after quitting)

Rest, hydration, good nutrition, and time. These are what your body needs right now. Put on some soft music, a podcast, or one of those nature sounds tracks, close your eyes, and just focus on slow breathing. Release the tension and you will sleep. The REM part of sleep cleans and restores the eyes. This is why a blackout drunk results in bloodshot eyes…no REM.