Questioned about quitting

I’m not a drinker anymore because I really hated who I was becoming. I’m fortunate that it didn’t take a life threatening occurrence for me to realize alcohol is absolutely no help in my life.

In my 2 weeks of bone-dry sobriety I’ve realized how uncomfortable people get when you refuse to order a drink with them.

They question you; asking are you sure you
dont want just one glass. They tease or try to make light jokes - I’m sure in good nature.

I’m a young women and I’ve been asked repeatedly if I’m pregnant - no drinking is just not for me anymore, that’s really hard for them to understand! Lol

Anyway. I want to hear what reactions you’ve had when telling someone you’re not drinking? Or how do you refuse the offer or stay confident in saying no 2-3 times?


There were times in the beginning of my sobriety in which I felt I was the subject of an after school special on peer pressure. Drinkers like company — at least the people I used to drink with did. My old drinking buddies were the worst. I’ve shed most of them since I’ve been sober.

When asked why I was no longer drinking by acquaintances, i told them that i didn’t feel it was enhancing my quality of life. People let it drop. To my former drunk pals, I told them I didn’t want to wake up in my own vomit again — or similarly flowery image. They knew.

I had to remove myself from the bar scene for about six months to avoid all of that. My resolve in the beginning was like a new born baby— new and weak and unsure. Only after I got some time under my belt did I venture back into bars and by then I was solid in my resolve. And my real friends stopped asking. I also realized that spending a lot of time in bars was no longer fun so I stopped doing it.


My close friends and family don’t care - they don’t focus on the drink, just spending time with me! Those friends are so valuable - we all need more of them.

When people hear you aren’t drinking, it shines a light on their own consumption. They tend to get defensive, aggressive or pushy. A lot of times, they don’t realise they’re doing it.

I’m a 26 year old woman and so many people assume I’m pregnant :joy: occasionally, people say “go on, just one” which can be very annoying.

Saying no to the first drink is my tip. It gets easier after that - and setting a firm intention not to drink before going out. If I can’t be bothered to explain, I might say I’m not feeling well.


I used excuses for the first little while but it felt inauthentic and made me feel even more uncomfortable. I have had several situations where recently I just say “I can’t drink because I’m not a good person when I drink, so I’ve decided to become sober”… I’ve whipped out my AA chips for a few to see too so that they understand that I am dead serious. The only reactions I have gotten are: I’m so proud of you, wow I wish I could quit too, good for you that’s awesome… it’s actually only been 97 days for me but all of my family and friends now know that I consider myself a recovering alcoholic and that I go to AA. When you feel ready, the truth can truly set you free (sorry for the cliche lol)… I feel like I am in power now, alcohol isn’t forcing me to lie to loved ones… I’m confident now telling people that alcohol was nothing but trouble.


When i got sober in my early days i didnt go to pubs or clubs so i didnt have to say i dont drink , i used to go to meetings in the evenings ,


So much this for me. :two_hearts: