Questions and Questions

Just trying to understand a few things about drinking… These are questions if you guys don’t mind if not then totally fine, no harm intended, Just trying to figure a few things out…

  1. When you drink do you prep for the next day? So knowing your trying to be sober and then you stupidly decide you will drink hence you will buy stuff to recover once the binge stops?

2)What is Alcohol psychosis to you ?

Kind regards

  1. I don’t drink.
  2. What would happen if I started drinking again.
  1. When trying to be sober (or ‘moderate’), pretty much every time I drank I was fooling myself it ‘was just one’ and that I would sober up later, or that this one would be my last one, and I would be OK the next day, so I have never prepared anything. I don’t think since my teens I have purposefully planned to go on a binge, and then I wasn’t trying to be sober.

  2. Something I have never experienced, thank God

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