Quit cigarette

Anyone out there quit smoking? Need some motivation and feel connected during this journey:/

Yes in Novemeber.
Stopped drinking as I largly smoked when i drank. I also drank when I fancied a smoke as they went to gether so well (in my addled brain). Keep thinking about smoking but fleetingly now.
Other thought;
Keep busy, chew gum, have something in your hands, take it hour by hour, day bay day, avoid trigger times, enjoy tastimg food and smelling flowers again.
Good luck💜

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I used smokeless tobacco for 32 years. I had success using nicotine lozenges. Started with the 4mg dosage. Used them for 4 weeks. Would hold off as long as I could using gum and willpower, and then use a lozenge. At 4 weeks, I switched to 2mg and did the same thing. After 2 weeks I’d go days without one or might have one or two in a day if I was stressed. That lasted another couple weeks, and then I could finally just white-knuckle the short rare craving.


I read this website over and over while quitting. Understanding the truth of the addiction and cravings was key for me.



I quit in September cold turkey. It was tough, but I was done lining the pockets of companies to slowly kill me, with no benefit of my own.


It’s difficult enough that I actually created a timer, but so damn rewarding! 257 days no nicotine for me, I can breathe easier, exercise feels so much better and the money and time saved is extreme. Just to name a few benefits.
I actually switched to Vape for about 3 months tapering down my nicotine strength, then just stopped cold turkey from that. I’d tried everything before, but the vape helped me over the line.
I’m really enjoying fitness now, that’s been the biggest reward for me.
You can do this!


Hey! I’ve been officially quit for a month now ( and in the past fourteen months I’ve been quit for about 6 of them…progress). I quit smoking when I quit drinking and doing drugs. About 2.5 months in some stressful times got me going back again and I started ( my priority at the time was sobriety, which for me was the right choice to make). Quit again in September for 2.5 months at the urging of my boyfriend, then I let it get me again for about three weeks until I quit finally a month ago. I’ve been sober this whole time and I know that’s what I needed to be. I had to love myself through this whole sobriety process so I didn’t beat myself up over this. I feel fairly steady right now in that, so when my acupuncturist told me that my injuries on the left side of my body came from an underperforming left kidney (I looked up ways to improve kidney function and quitting smoking was number one) it was a no brainer. We can see and feel immediately last night’s effect on us when we’re drinking or using. Smoking can be really insidious because, while we KNOW, what it will end up doing for us, we can’t exactly feel it now. When I realized that my injuries were a direct result of my smoking (which SEEMS unrelated but holy god am I learning so much about the human body it’s ASTOUNDING. And with some needling and a month of a kidney tonic my kidney is functioning better and my YEAR of systemic left side injuries has completely cleared) I’ve also been granted the gift of seeing the direct correlation between smoking and my body. Sorry for the long rant, just hoping that it could be helpful.
Much Love,