Quittin marijuana for good

Finally quitting marijuana for good after 22 years, I got more than 3 months clean from alcohol, I decided enough is enough, there is no room in my life for weed anymore, I’m just stuck in my head all day, I’m ready to do this, I give the power to my higher power, he will do what he must to keep me away from relapse, this has a been along time coming, is time for it to happen!


Good to see you taking initiative…and to reach a point where you feel like excluding chemicals or mind altering plants from your life!

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I quit cold turkey after 22 years of smoking weed. Day 69 today and feel amazebslls you can do rhis. Good luck


Its tough but it gets better. I’ve had several attempts at quitting marijuana, which lead me down a dark road of depression. This time has been a little easier because my main motivation is to please God. He doesn’t want us to be held back by addiction.
Good for you in putting alcohol and marijuana behind you. :+1::+1: