Quitting cold turkey tomorrow


Just push thru 2-3 weeks and you will start to feel that physical grip of opiate wd start to let go. Once the physical part is over you will have some mental adjusting to do. I didnt fully feel “normal” until 6 mo. You are basically fighting for life for those first 2 weeks. You work so hard to stay clean. It really felt like a full time job plus OT trying to stay clean for a week. i always felt like i deserved to just use one day only to usually continue using.


I’m on melatonin and does help me sleep. Just wanted to let you guys know.


Ive heard that quitting addicts would benefit from high doses of vitamin c. Does anyone have experiences?


It has to be ascorbic vitamin c. I took emergen-c in the morning and it felt like it helpped boost me alittle to feel comfortable to get ready. Dont expect alot but im sure it has some benefits or maybe placebo🤷


Thoughts on kratom ? I used a little of it yesterday and it seemed to help alot. I know there are a lot of different opinions on it…


I’ve no experience with kratom, but I have seen many people say they had become addicted to it and coming off was just as bad or worse than what they were using it for. If it’s not perscribed or signed off by your doctor, I would be cautious.


Kratom can be just as addictive as opiods… I would do a ton of research and weigh out the pros and cons. You don’t wanna trade one addiction in for another… I have never used Kratom, but from what I know it’s used to treat opiod and heroin addiction, I can’t ever see myself using it… I think the people who do use it are doing it as an absolute last resort option.


Don’t forget that it’s completely unregulated so you never really know what you are getting. I always think it’s a bad idea when people start resorting to medically unproven detox methods…


I’ve tried kratom. It helps take away most of the withdrawal symptoms when I take it in high doses. I would use it when I was trying to get off heroin and needed to go out and be functional for a while. It still acts on the opioid receptors and I’d rather leave those alone for a while.
I’ll try the Vitamin C. My body can’t decide whether it’s hot or cold, and I’m sweating through everything. The thought of over a week of this is just depressing.

Donnie_Spiering - I’ve had that exact thought; that I deserve some relief for just one day, and I’d be careful not to get hooked again. Took me a while to realize that I’m either on it or off it. Nothing in between.


Well it didn’t get me high in any way shape or form so idk what the urge would be to use it for anything but helping with wd symptoms

Does anyone know if using it will prolong my detox ?


I don’t get high from kratom either, it just makes withdrawal bearable for a few hours. I would take between 6-8 gel capsules at a time whenever I needed to function. After the effect wore off, I would feel a bit worse. Not sure if it prolongs detox, but that was my concern, and I decided the whole process would go faster if I didn’t take any drug at all. Some people switch to kratom and taper off. I didn’t have the patience for that, but if you do, more power to you.


How are you doing today? I quit cold turkey too. Doing Percocet 30s all day since 2013. I am over 3 months and I feel good. Anxiety does come and go at times, but it’s ok. I wish you luck and don’t give up. Look at your sobriety calendar if you need a reminder. It helped me a lot.


Hi larri, sorry you have to go through all of this but this can be the last time you ever have to feel like this. I Just wanted to say I’m thinking of you today and Glad your here. Let us know how your doing.


Yeah unfortunately there is no grey area. I was either broke putting an effort to get clean just to get paid friday to go rite back down dope ave til i had enough to detox another week. The cycle never ended a thousand times over n over. This last time i wasnt set on never using ever again. Then i got to about 4 months clean i totally accepted never again… The sweats n hot /cold,sensitive to temp drove me nutz. Atleast the last time i have to live in that hell again. Just keep going its possible. I was one of those people so strung out on dope my friends thought i was a gonner. Today i beat the odds another day…


I used kratom to get off heroin. I, however, was naive and traded one addiction for another. I struggled with kratom addiction after that for 3 1/2 years. Getting off subs/heroin was easier in my opinion. Kratom has so many unknown alkaloids and effects on your brain, it can really mess someone up. Only take it for like, a week max.


Omg melatonin is like my best friend when I can’t sleep. I dont take it every night. I only take it when I know I need to fall sleep quickly!! Lol


That’s good to know. I don’t plan on using it for more than 2-3 days just to get over the hump. I don’t think there could be anything worse in the kratom then the stuff I’ve been putting into my body lol


After the effect wore off, I would feel a bit worse. Not sure if it prolongs detox, but that was my concern

Feel worse than you did before you took the kratom ? Or do you mean just back to feeling like shit ?
Ya I definitely don’t want to extend this anymore than I need to. I would honestly rather be sick as hell for 5 days than be a little less sick for 2 weeks.

Stay strong, we got this !!


Hey larri, stay strong and im sending you great vibes…you got this!


Your gonna be sick as hell more then 5 days… The whole 7 days i felt totally the same. It didnt start to get alittle better til 2 weeks. People that tell u the worst is at 4 days is because they have never got fully clean b4 and probably only made it 4-5 days.