Quitting drinking again

I’m quitting again. I was sober for six months before and started my own business. I thought everything was good and it wasn’t. I’m a functional alcoholic fir sure, but I’m digressing. Time to take a step back and look objectively. I’m not good at drinking (or I’m too good). Either way here are my ramblings with my bon dominant hand because I broke my arm.


You have some dry time, so you know how the physical and mental side of things can improve. There are plenty of suggestions on the forum of ways folks have gotten sober and maintained it. I hope you can promote your motivation into a plan of action. The first step is seeking help, and you are there already! Welcome to the forum @Kevin_Putnam, blessings on your house :pray: as you begin your journey.


You got this👍

Welcome Kevin!
You will find lots of information and support (make use of the search tool :mag: The threads here are like buried treasure.)
Sorry about that arm. Speedy healing!
We are glad you are here!

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