Quitting Smoking, how do you handle?

Quit smoking 3 days ago. Smoked 1/8th a day, own multiple businesses so money was never an issue and they are all running smoothly so being 28 I can sit at home all day and smoke weed and play video games.

To easy, just had first baby girl and start telling myself 1500 month on trees to burn is crazy. Really crazy, spoiled crazy,

First two night intense sweats, can’t eat, and damn am I being cranky to my customers and wife…

It’s a bummer, but with this board to see others on their journey and my personal vice to switch off (Fresh Orange Juice) im hoping to stay strong!

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Good for you! Day 4 for me of no smoking for my baby and it’s getting easier. And hopefully people are being understanding to your irritability because it’s inevitable.