Quitting Weed, Probation

Only my 16th day sober since I’ve had to start probation and it’s just getting harder. I’ve had to smell weed a lot more often and it just makes me sad. I miss when weed was a fun social thing for me to do instead of a nasty habit. I’m reading a lot of people have partners to help them but I’m in an abusive household at the moment which was the reason I started smoking. Hoping for comments that it does get better I know this is going to change my life I just hope I get to see those benefits and my suicidal thoughts don’t overtake me.


Not really. I have hope things will get better soon but right now i’m taking care of my mentally ill mom who financially abuses me and grandma who has dementia. It’s a lot of daily stress


I’ll be 2 years in about a week or so and it still smells good, in fact it smells better bc I couldn’t smell it when I smoked as I was the one who stunk of it and was paranoid bc I knew people could smell it on me, do I still want to smoke it?.. Ohhh yes, Do I have to or need to smoke it… ohhhh no. One day mate although you might like it you will feel like you are making the right choice… its just nice to actually have a choice.


Yes it’s true, now I can smell it a mile away! When I was smoking ash or weed all day long I was always surprised by the people telling me about how strong was the smell.
I was in NYC two weeks ago, that weed smell was everywhere to the point of annoying me ahah.

And yes @mrslonely7 it does get better.
But it’s not magical, if you don’t feel good, it may be related to your thc consumption, and it may be not…
Personally, after a shitstorm I still can’t get over, smoking weed made me totally crazy or/and so sad.
At least you will be yourself

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@Dolse71 @Pat_m How did you cope with the anxiety, irritation and other symptoms after quitting weed? Did you take any meds? Did you quit right away or gradually?


I had hundreds of attempts some only lasting 24 hours, day after day of the same promises. No meds no secret cure, lots of tears and thoughts I was going to have a stroke or some kind of heart attack. I eventually just accepted this was going to be shit and instead of keep going round in circles I only had to get through each day once and then I would never have to go through it again. Easy?.. No, Possible?.. Yes, Worth it?.. Definitely.


Good morning. I am an old survivor who has quit weed too. For me it is because of my physical health, it is leaching my bones, I have osteoperosis bad enough that my bones are breaking. I just can not fathom being a dependant again. For me, I miss it too, but I wont go back to it. Now that I am a free woman, free from abuse and free from my own mental obsession to self harm, I can tell you it is worth it to hold on. Stay strong, keep trying to help yourself be well. It is a long, sometimes very scary road. The less you smoke the scarier or more miserable it can be sometimes. But that in itself is not bad. It is survival waving its flag inside of you, or me. It helped me immensely to fear death, fear abuse, fear entrapment. Weed helped me accept my ill fate, not escape it. Today I am only 23 days clean and sober, but at my age, I have had many years of sobriety mixed with the years I just gave up. The years I stopped caring for myself dug me deeper into depression. I am so glad now, that I learned to fight for myself by taking very good care of me. Making my plans, and getting free in every sense. I wish for you the strengrh to face your fears and dangers head on. To learn how amazing you can be, just you. You are worth giving yourself this chance, never mind probation. You are worth it, thats why you should keep trying.


Like @Dolse71, no magic pills, no gradual stop, I just stopped (after many false attempts).
My anxiety was all over the place, so I walked for hours, was angry all the time.
I couldn’t sleep for a few days so I stayed on my couch at night, playing videogames, anything to keep my brain occupied. The shivers at night were the worst, and in a way the best. It made me realize I was really an addict, not only in my head but also in my body.
The physical aspect don’t last, a few days, weeks. The psychological need was way more longer than this for me.


What do you mean? Weed worsens the health condition? And how come?

I believe smoke of any kind in the lungs is robbing my body of the oxygen it needs. I chose not to continue as the marijuanna itself was getting out of hand, I was using it to escape my own realities and it was harming my memory. I am very independant and must hold down a responsible job or become dependant. I must take care of my body, or become dependant. I have, in my mind and heart, no choice but to clean it all up. It was becoming a need not a want. My bones are breaking easilly now, that was the last straw for me. If you google “does smoking marijuanna affect osteoporosis?”, it will explain what has happened to my bones, and why I broke my tib,fib,and ankle.


Thanks for the tips @Dolse71 @Fiarra @Pat_m

I am on day 4 - alcohol free. I have been drinking heavily for many years. Once I can get a handle on my alcoholism, I will ditch the weed.


I am going to as many zoom meetings as possible just to keep out of my own head.