Radom question

Anyone hear a know Ultra-Rapid Metaboliser? Or suspected? Just curious.

Ps in two days I will be 6 months sober and celebrating with my Diet Coke :fist_right:


Maybe not an ‘ultra’, but a ‘rapid metaboliser’, yes. Why do you ask? Also congrats on 6 months. :fist_left:

Hi thanks for your reply how were you diagnosed? Did you have reactions to alcohol with it?

Well my previous doctor put me down as being a ‘rapid metabolizer’ after I was in the hospital about 10 years ago for kidney stones and I blew through the morphine they gave me in about 15-20 minutes. Depending on the pharmacology of the substance will depend on how fast I go through it. Like oxy tends to run in my system for maybe 4 hours tops; three if I ate before hand. It’s a pisser, I can tell you that.

With alcohol I tend to have half the halflife that most people do as far as the effect. Also, I’m not sure if it’s related, but I’ve always had a natural tolerance to things, so when I started drinking as a young adult, I gave it up quickly because it didn’t do anything for me. In my late 20s I realized I had to drink 3 times as much as my friends to get the same effect and even then for the longest time I wouldn’t get hangovers. My friends hated me. lol. At the time I thought it was cool because I was an idiot.

The only thing I haven’t noticed that I metabolize quickly is pot. Everything else tho… even caffeine. It’s pretty shitty if I can be completely honest and I’m pretty sure it contributed to my addictive behavior. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Is this an issue you’ve been faced with?

I drank three times as much to get the same effect but I also suffered severe reactions to alcohol withdrawal like palpatations and then I would be breathless the next day. It really affected me until I suffered macrocytosis of my red blood cells because my body was in so much over drive it was needing more oxygen and my liver was working so hard too.
Do you suffer migraines by any chance? And paracetamol for me does nothing or if I does I go looking for more after two hours I have to sets clock reminders not to take more.
Sounds pretty similar have you ever had a bad reaction to codeine (codeine and morphine on my drugs notes say I’m allergic although it’s not anaphylactic shock I experience) thanks for sharing I just thought I was the only one in the world.
Also have you had any experience with local aneathetics?

That sounds really rough. I don’t have migraines. I get headaches, but they’re caused by issues due to surgeries I had in my neck and jaw. I’ve never taken paracetamol, so I can’t comment on that from personal experience. No bad reactions from codeine except for the fact that it doesn’t work on me. Even before I had my addiction problems, I simply was never able to take enough for it to have an affect on me whatsoever. I have morphine on the list of drugs that I’m ‘allergic’ to as well, even though it’s not an allergy, it’s pointless to give it to me. Tramadol too. Tramadol is partially an SNRI, and I can’t take those. Standard depression drugs like SSRIs and SNRIs have the opposite effect on me, so if I take Tramadol I have panic attacks. Basically 3/4 of pharmaceuticals out there either don’t work on me, have the opposite effect, or give me really bad side effects. This issue probably saved my life because I learned quickly that I can’t just take anything off the street or at a party that someone wants to give me. I don’t think I’ve had any issues with local aneathetics.

Nope you’re not the only one. I think people like us are rare though. I don’t know what kind of experience you’ve had with medical personnel due to this kind of thing, but mine has not been good. It’s like they think I’m lying about something, that it’s simply not possible for a person to have so many issues with pharmaceuticals.

Thats interesting sounds perhaps your a slow metabolizer or something along those lines (i dont have a clue i have only read stuff i am not a medical professional) but your right that it is a rare thing. No no one seems to believe me and it seems like no one understands these things until someone is dead which is horrific. If i wasnt in need of dentistry i probably wouldnt have found out along with the fears of anaesthetics i have had due to all the adverse reactions. its absolutely terrifying!!! thank you for sharing and if you find anything out id love to hear