Reaction (and all) Emojis


Just a little feedback on the some of the emojis…

The one that looks like it’s ‘LOL’ is labeled “relaxed” - ?
The one that is labeled ‘hug’ looks like he’s laughing or celebrating or at least happy (usually not appropriate when you’re wanting to give someone a hug) -
And, could there possibly be a sad face (:cry:) and a :open_mouth: (a better label would be simply, ‘wow’) reaction added to the collection?

I’m referring to the small collection of reaction emojis you can leave aside from clicking the heart to ‘like’ the post, as well as a bunch of the ones in the database that look completely different from how they are named.

Why are these things important? For speed, ease of use, and accuracy of expression. When receiving notifications of replies by email, we don’t see the emoji, we read it.

And, because I feel it’s important to be able to (quickly) express a slightly broader range of reactions other than the ones given, since we often have a reaction but don’t have the words - or rather, enough words for a formal reply. And some names are either completely unintuitive, or ridiculously long and unhelpful.

For the former, perhaps there is a way that some of them can be re-labeled - e.g., ‘relaxed’ to ‘LOL’?
The latter would be a suggestion to add :cry: , or :slightly_frowning_face: (which should be called “sad” not “slightly_frowning_face”), and possibly :open_mouth: (which should be labeled ‘wow’ or ‘shocked’) to the short list of quick reaction emojis underneath posts.

There are so many others that are just named incorrectly, IMO:

:face_vomiting: - could simply be ‘puke’ or ‘barf’ (instead of ‘face_vomiting’)
:joy: - should be LOL (instead of ‘joy’)
:hugs: - should be ‘jazz hands’ (not ‘hugs’)
:disappointed_relieved: - looks like ‘worried’ (not ‘disspointed_relieved’)
:triumph: - should be ‘steaming’ (how is this a ‘triumph’ face??)
:hushed: - Wow or shocked, not hushed
:confounded: - painful (confounded?)
:beetle: -This is a ladybug.
:incoming_envelope: - this is not incoming mail - this is outgoing mail
:envelope_with_arrow: - this “envelope with arrow” is incoming mail (not sure anyone ever uses these but still)
:face_with_thermometer: - why not just “fever” , rather than ‘face_with_thermometer’

My 2c on stuff that probably no one else thinks about except for me. Thx for listening. :slight_smile: (which isn’t slight - it’s just a smiley face :wink: )


That’s so funny because I regularly choose a different emoji when that list pops up and I read what the emoji is supposed to represent.

Also, I wish the emojis wouldn’t be written out if you make more than one in a row :heart:️:heart:️

I tend to have to put periods in the middle so they are the actual emoji and not the written word :heart:️.:heart:


A blank space works between emoji, but even that is annoying to need to do


Oh I didn’t even think of that :blush: :blush:

Yes you still need to go back to the keyboard on your phone to do it but it looks nicer lol


:+1: :+1:t2: :+1:t3: :+1:t4: :+1:t5: :+1:t6:


I have no idea what the emojis on tye left of the heart are supposed to mean. Is that one waving, or excited about cake, or what??


Haha I know right, confuses me too


Yes. They are rather limited and confusing in how you can react/respond to something


First of all… omg, I love this post. (Lol at “jazz hands” hug. :rofl:)

Second, pushing up my glasses… :nerd_face: The platform TS uses looks like it conforms to the Unicode standard for emojis. It’s used on virtual keyboards, MMS messages, all kinds of stuff. So Robin at least can’t do much about some of these things.

Some major phone keyboards have all these silly, horribly named emoji, too. :face_vomiting: Good news is, TS is compatible with it so I can use the fancy keyboard features for selecting horribly named emoji, too. :grin:


Well, the names to all match up, so I’m suspicious of something somewhere… :thinking: And, since the Unicode CLDR is a collaborative project, I propose that someone gets involved with this and makes some changes. You know, in their free time :wink: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue:




How do you find out the name of an emoji??


If you are on a laptop/desktop (using an actual keyboard), if you type a semicolon, a popup appears predicting a handful of emojis for you, and gives you the option of selecting “more…”, where you can see the entire library of emojis. Hovering over them shows you the text equivalent (so you can simply type them in you want to or if it’s easier).

Or… Just hovering over an emoji that’s already been posted will show you the text name as well. :wink: