Real Ghost Story

So my neighbor passed away this morning at around 3:40. She was in a nursing home for about two weeks before she passed away there. She had a constant struggle with alcoholism and prescription pill abuse and had a heart attack from a diseased liver.
This is my true statement from what I experienced this morning.
4:16 A.M: my Mom wakes me up with the bad news
5:50 A.M: My other neighbor comes back from his morning walk and calls my Mom, informing her that all the lights in her house are on and the front door was locked, even though my mom only locks the security door after she takes care of my neighbor’s cats.
6:00 A.M: We walk over there to check to see if her house was broken into, but all her valuables were still in the same place she left them.
No one else has a key to her house besides my Mom and my deceased neighbor who was unable to leave the nursing home. She lived a very lonely life, but she loved her two cats. I’m still freaked out about this because I’m not a firm believer in the paranormal, but I feel like she wasn’t going to leave without saying goodbye to her cats.

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Im a ghost hunter and I’ve seen so many crazy things, so I believe her soul was happy to be back home with her cats.

One of my mom’s friends is taking them. They’ll be okay over there.

That weird, poor cats.