Really wanting a drink!

Struggling tonight really want a drink. Dont want to deal with the drama crap. Dont want to deal with his child’s crap…

Try to go to sleep early… you can do it. THESE are the hardest moments.


Kids are hard step kids are even hard. A child with issues and knowing for the last 3 years what I had to say didnt matter only caused more problems he now sees I wasnt trying to be mean an I did know what I was talking about. But for me it’s a little to much a lot to late. When this kid isnt here I am not as stressed.just saying that makes me feel horrible because I try so hard to help others my job is helping others so to have to give up on someone hurts me badly. But I cant do it anymore. I was already struggling tonight do you think he knows that? Nope! But then again when he drinks nightly but is critical of me how could he see it. I am a fighter I know this is my problem I also know I am alone at home in my journey!

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Many years ago I was chatting with my mom, said something like, “when the kids are both over 18I can finally relax, it will be easier.” She laughed and laughed, never really saying anything more. My kids are now 31 & 27. It is just as stressful as ever, different kind compared to when they were children. For me it went from physical exhaustion to mental exhaustion to whatever stage I’m in now that I can’t find words for.


I hope you were able to get some rest. Sounds like a stressful evening.

Kids can be incredibly stressful no matter their age. And when they have difficult issues, it can be all the more stress on you and the family. Do you do any family therapy or therapy for yourself? Sometimes just having that outlet can really help you let out your feelings and this reduce stress.

Thinking of you today.

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I know your struggle of step kids It’s hard. that’s what made me drink so much and have black outs and horrible hangovers. I just decided today that I’m getting too old for this crap. It’s like the biological parent doesn’t want to believe it at first that the kids are capable of that until you stop doing it and let them take care of them like I had to do.