Reasons for being sober


There are alot of reasons to be sober, I am doing it for my kid and me, plus after 20 something years of drinking think its time for something new like living life sober. Stay safe and sober my friend


I just want my sanity back.


My reasons:

  • Alcohol is poison. It makes me very sick. Physically and especially mentally & emotionally.
  • I am a happier person, sober. :blush:
  • Sobriety brings out my courage and confidence.
  • I treat myself and the ppl I love with more love and kindness
  • My niece and nephew :heart:
  • Hangovers suck.
  • Sober life = my best life :raised_hands:

(These are just a few, there really are SO many. Choosing sober and being a happy healthy non-drinker is my best life decision thus far!)


My favorite part of Sobriety is being “Present in the Moment”.


I agree with that :100: I sometimes think what did I miss when I was drunk.


Step 2. Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

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  1. My family
  2. Fear of disappointing people I love
  3. No Post drinking anxiety
  4. Improve relationships
  5. No hangovers
  6. Being present

Oh yes indeedy, I have have a higher power and I have my sanity. Today is a good day to be alive.

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Not making an ass out of myself and fitting into my clothes. I have lost the desire to staying sober for meaningfull stuff yet still sober. Better this way.

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I will stay sober until at a meeting or here, someone tells what a fantastic, fun-filled time they had on their last relapse. Hasn’t happened yet to my knowledge…

For my health, family and what friends I still have left. But mostly… myself.
I won’t become that guy again. That me is dead and buried in back under a big pile of dog shit and broken dreams / promises.
Be true to yourselves and safe and blessed!!

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I can’t heal if I keep using bandaids that cause more harm.


I was going to make a list but then I thought about it and all I can think of is one thing. Life.


It makes me very sick as well. I decided im finally done with it.

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Awesome decision @Sheppc2003 ! Welcome here to the forum, where you will find amazing support and advice. Spend much time reading through the many different threads and start compiling your sober tool kit. Recovery isnt an easy journey, but it’s certainly a worthwhile one! Wishing you all the best on this new, courageous path you’ve chosen :blush::pray:

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  1. I genuinely want to be a better healthier version of myself. 2. I’ve gotten to the point that I’m afraid of things I may do when drunk. I worry myself. 3. When I’m sober my depression decreases dramatically. Sure for a few days on a binder it feels like I’m kinda riding high but that eventually fades, I end feeling physically sick, very suicidal and have massive panic attacks. I’m tired of it!

It’s kind of crazy right now, I’m beginning to find my actual personality isnt what the alcohol has been portraying. I’m learning new things daily.