Reasons for fighting


Today I fight for…

  1. Mental clarity. I need to get things done but I can’t when I’m always high or sleeping.

  2. My physical appearance (I always try to look my best. Obsessed with makeup and skin care) I definitely see changes in my appearance…

  3. The joys in every day life that I have been missing :frowning:


I feel this thread might really help me. I will be here daily fighting for my life :sparkling_heart:

  1. I’ve strived to follow my older brother’s example, since he’s basically the single most put together in my family. So I need to turn away from this right now.

  2. Dealing with everything this week threw me into a combo panic attack/ sensory meltdown, so now I need to be kind to myself and take care of me right.

  3. People see things in me that I can’t, and they beg me to be something great, to not be stagnant. Maybe I can start by just doing what’s right.

  1. I will be a good example for my kids.
  2. I won’t die because of alcohol like my dad
  3. I will Sleep with peace of mind.


I have these same 3 reasons.

  1. I’ve learned so much about coping skills for my difficulties. Despite how difficult it was going so far into overload it showed me that I am capable of pulling myself out of spiraling. It empowers me.

  2. I have a lot of creating to do, and my addiction holds me back.

  3. I want to stop being a victim, I want to start thriving.





God give me strength

  1. I’m worried I could sink back into my old patterns this week, but I want to keep finding ways to improve my situation. That’s how you survive.

  2. I have power. I am not helpless.

  3. Emptiness is temporary, like depressive bouts. I need to learn not to act on my unhealthy urges for either.

  1. There are situations where I will be needed, and if I’m not prepared that moment will pass me by, and I’ll be helpless.

  2. I need to start really going for this, it isn’t a fight I can expect to lose.

  3. I need to show people I am great.

  1. I want to be ready to live life so it won’t pass me by.

  2. I want to have that steel I can tap into when things get tough.

  3. I want to quit having sucky addiction dreams.

  1. I get so caught up in trying to be happy I forget I need to feel sad, and then I’m scared of letting myself be because I crash.

  2. I’m spending time with some friends the next two days. Obviously relapsing is a bad idea.

  3. My addiction could hurt people. That’s not okay.

  1. Obviously I have lessons to learn here, but if I can’t stop this from going on I’ll become used to it.

  2. I am my own therapist. As my therapist I say this is bad stuff.

  3. I don’t want to hurt my future nieces and nephews. I don’t think I could bear it.

  1. Really wanting the disturbing addiction dreams to not come back. Like there’s the guilty ones and the freaky brain bleach ones. Neither are good.

  2. I’d like to keep writing.

  3. I’m trying to be more social so I don’t feel stuck anymore. So far it’s scary, but it keeps away the loneliness trigger.

  1. It’d suck to relapse when I was doing so good.

  2. It’s hard to remember to focus on being okay when no one else understands what I need and they end up trampling while trying to help.

  3. The things I do matter. All of them. Even if it feels pointless and empty.


1.Last night was so freaking hard but I did it. I did it. I got through.

  1. My best friend sent me a care package and she’s the best friend ever and I just want to bask in the fluffy feelings of knowing someone loves me that much.

  2. Tomorrow I’m interacting with a person. I want to be a functioning person.

  1. People love me, even though I’m not really sure why sometimes. I want to be someone worthy of loving, and give back what they’ve given me.

  2. Connecting to people might be stressful and difficult but I’ve seen what not doing it does to people. I can’t isolate myself.

  3. Blessings are there if I don’t hide myself away in my addiction.


Love this! 3 reasons
I feel so good and safe in myself when ever I resist an urge. Every time I resist it gets easier. I will feel so much better tomorrow if I am sober today. Thanks!

  1. For my children
  2. Get my finances together
  3. Get back to the old productive me

  1. I want to be someone my mother will be proud of.

  2. I need more control. Defeating this gives me that.

  3. The better I know this demon the easier it is to take down.


I always find your daily reasons motivating, thanks for posting them