Reasons for fighting

  1. I would like to set good examples for my girls.
  2. I would like my body as healthy as possible.
  3. I don’t have time to be hungover


My 3 reasons for today are

  1. On day 6 I feel more clear headed than I have in years.
  2. I have not had the feeling of shame “oh shit what did I do last night?” In 6 days and that feels great.
  3. I have recently been honest with my teen kids about my alcoholism and I dont want to let them down.

  1. Younger kids will always look up to me. What is the example that I’m setting?

  2. I’m sick of the careless attitude some of the world holds for addiction. I don’t want to be that.

  3. I need to be friends with myself. So I need to stop pushing me away.

  1. Work is going to be to chaotic to be anything but 100% this week.
  2. My girls will only be little for so long, I want to enjoy every exhausting minute of it.
  3. My anxiety has been at an all time low since not drinking.

  1. I’m moving faster than I ever have, in terms of progress.
  2. I feel prettier
  3. My skin is glowing


Not a great day. I can barely think of 3 and I’m sobbing writing this.

  1. I don’t want to die from some alcohol related illness like my sister who I miss with all my heart and soul

  2. I want to be here for my kids as long as possible

  3. I want to quit working for other people and start my own business. I need to be clear headed continually and not have this on my mind to be able to even strategize on how to achieve this.


You can do number three, I’m doing it and thought it was impossible. It’s not. Take little steps towards this you can do it!!!

  1. I don’t want to feel worthless. I don’t want to feel like an imposter every time someone sees something good in me.

  2. All or nothing thinking has haunted me so long. It makes it so easy to fail, and so easy to give up. If something is worth doing it’s worth doing badly, persistent failure has given me slouch more than success.

  3. I don’t like feeling confined to my choices.


Thank you!!


I’ve worked in corporate America my whole life. I’ve gotten as high as I can go and I want to be my own boss. Hoping to figure it out as 2 of my 4 have aged out. :blush:. Congrats on achieving your plan!

  1. I can remember the pain that drunk decisions caused.
  2. I want people to look up to me, not down on me.
  3. I now feel fully committed, I don’t want to let myself down

  1. The more okay I am the better I can handle other people.

  2. The days aren’t empty or meaningless. What I do matters.

  3. I want to enjoy not feeling lousy right now.

  1. All you have is your healthy, I don’t want to intentionally mess that up.
  2. No hangovers
  3. Hopefully the longer I go the more interest i build in my husband to cut back on his drinking. (He has been asking me to read him some of the threads I have been reading, I am hoping we all inspire him)

  1. I’m getting real sick of hearing excuses from myself.

  2. I have opportunities. I’m not as stuck as I feel.

  3. People say the one thing you can control in life is yourself, and maybe I’ve never felt it was true for me. But maybe there are parts of myself, at least, that I can control.

  1. Still really enjoying having a cleaner house.
  2. Social anxiety is decreasing daily.
  3. I want to have sober holidays this year

  1. Learning how to better connect to others;
  2. Gaining confidence;
  3. The insight from sobriety… Sometimes like, woa

  1. World’s not so stale that I have to screw up my brain chemistry to deal.

  2. I’m so frickin sick of feeling ashamed.

  3. I feel less anxious when I’m not doing this.


My son looked at me and said “you went from being an asshole to being a man that I aspire to be”. Sums it up right there.

  1. My daughters
  2. The energy I have to give
  3. No shame in the morning

  1. Sometimes I stay up too late, and having the self control to not do anything I’ll regret while it’s two in the morning is good.

  2. Waking up out of related nightmares because my brain can go “that’s wrong!”

  3. Finally getting closer to that therapy appointment. Wanna be clean for first impression.