Reasons for fighting

  1. I’m the mom I’ve always wanted
  2. I don’t radiate a self that gets drunk
  3. Sugar tastes better…

  1. There are so many sweet church ladies that just want to help me. I don’t want to let them down.

  2. I’ve been enjoying being capable with all of my little goals. I don’t want that to fall apart.

  3. My mom was the definition of fighter. I’ve got that blood in me.

  1. My house is clean.
  2. I have energy to get thru each day.
  3. My girls aren’t seeing a drink lady daily.

  1. Waiting around to be saved never works. I just need to do my best, and eventually I’ll overcome.

  2. I think I’d like to believe I’ll be happy one day. The only way to get that it staying clean.

  3. I’d like to enjoy the plain innocence of little things in life, without and regrets or shame.

  1. I like my new schedule
  2. I know that I am giving myself my best chance to succeed at work.
  3. I don’t want to feel like shit anymore.


1- it won’t get any better or easier by giving in. It will be the opposite.
2i have to be able to tell god I tried.
3- this voice that manipulates me hates me. I can be my own best friend.

  1. I’ve been adapting to my world and my problems, and slowly it’s getting better. I’m more in control.

  2. I have a commitment helping a nice church lady who’s been giving me rides. I want to be feeling fantastic for it.

  3. My emotional exhaustion and emptiness are, I suspect, due to pushing away a lot of tough stuff in my head. It can be resolved without looking for temporary fixes.

  1. My daughters
  2. My. Health
  3. My anxiety level

  1. I’d like to be a voice of reason, or at least a gesture of kindness to others. I need to not be afraid of connection.

  2. The fall is my favorite season. I want to savor it.

  3. I don’t want to be the source of someone’s disillusionment.

  1. I also want to savor this time of year!
  2. Soccer Saturday, I get to go coach my rag-tag team of 4 and 5 year olds in a few hours!
  3. I love being so productive

  1. On the road of consequences, there is no turning back. I pick how far it’ll go.

  2. I’ve got an example to set for others.

  3. How can I do nice things for people if I’m only focused on my problems?


I want to feel clear headed.
I want to hope for good things again.
I want to be better than what I was. Alcohol just brings me down. Every time.

  1. I need to be in control of my emotions.
  2. People are noticing my physical changes since quitting.
  3. I am no longer hungover

  1. I do believe people can change if they sincerely want it. I want to change.

  2. Anyone’s capable of character development.

  3. My addiction is just as unhealthy as any other. I can’t downplay it.

  1. Things that overwhelmed me no longer seem like such big deals
  2. My girls have one solid guide to follow (hopefully) in a chaotic, alcohol abusing family
  3. I put more effort into my pets, who I hadn’t really given much thought to before


I want my health to improve.
I want to move on from this nightmare that is my reality.
I want to be stronger than what I am.

  1. I’ve felt very inspired by a character I want to be like lately.

  2. I’m getting a ride from nice church ladies tomorrow and I want it to be good.

  3. There’s always happy things waiting for me, no matter how bad things are.


Amen to that.

  1. I need to work on my sober emotions, my family deserves that.
  2. I would like to start exercising again
  3. I like not living a lie

  1. I don’t rely on others opinions of me when sober
  2. I want to know myself
  3. My health