Reasons for fighting


Blah this completely slipped my mind yesterday

  1. I want to be, if anything, a support for others in the blackest of circumstances.

  2. Therapy tomorrow!! I’m so freaking terrified!! :smiley:

  3. I’m working on my sleep patterns and no addiction is gonna screw me over.

  1. I want to stop being the mom who chooses to stay home and drink wine versus go out to a movie or dinner with my kiddos.
  2. My bf is an ass and I am afraid that if I keep drinking like this I may end up dead and my kids will be left with him. It terrifies me to think I will wouldn’t be around for them.
  3. I am a good person and I have a lot to offer this world/my community/family as long as I drink my nights away I am not able to fully be the person I know I am able to be.

  1. I want to be someone people can look to for guidance.
  2. I want to be health for my family
  3. I am on my own at work after today, I better be ready

  1. Some day I’m gonna rise so much higher than where I am now and I’ll be amazed that I thought I couldn’t.

  2. When I die I want to see my mom again.

  3. I like feeling healthy and deserving of respect.

  1. It feels good to not live a lie
  2. It’s important to feel all my feelings, even if it sucks right now
  3. I have come along way and don’t want to reset now


1.I’m about to get another month down.

  1. Self control is the greatest stuff. I thought it was overrated as a kid but it is not.

  2. Giving up crushes the hope inside me

  1. I have some important spiritual messages to listen to.

  2. I’d like to not be craving stuff while I’m around other people. That’s awkward.

  3. Less addiction dreams.

  1. I am learning to get thru each seasons triggers.
  2. I am also almost at another month down.
  3. I need to prove to myself I can

  1. I’m pushing through incredibly uncomfortable situations without using some thing to aid the blocking off my sense process, which hurts, but helps me gain huge insights into myself
  2. It feels like I hate myself more, but I think the real self hatred is lessened
  3. For my heart’s health. In so many ways…

  1. The sooner I’m beyond this, the sooner I can start being who I really am.

  2. I need to stop thinking that falling into darkness is inevitable.

  3. Giving up has never solved anything.

  1. My girls need me
  2. My family deserves the best from me and I want to quit acting like I am the best I can be.
  3. I want to want to learn again

  1. As it turns out I’m not helpless. I do have a hand in my fate.

  2. I want being clean to get easier and easier till I have faith in me again.

  3. I’m worthy of respect.

  1. Because at the end of today I will have two months of sobriety under my belt!!!
  2. I have more energy than I ever had.
  3. I am starting to trust myself again

  1. Been focusing on self care. This is a big priority part of it.

  2. My birthday’s coming up. Want to be feeling fabulous.

  3. The better I feel, the more I try to better myself. It’s a good cycle.

  1. I have a few big projects coming at work that I need to accomplish
  2. I feel like I can start improving other aspects of my life that I always ignored
  3. Because I told myself I would get a new corgi if I made it 1 year and I really want a new puppy…

  1. I know I’m not okay in a lot of ways, but I can fix that. I’ve fixed other things, I can fix this.

  2. I don’t neglect my plants as much when I’m clean.

  3. I’ve been sleeping better.

  1. I can actually make plans in a Sunday and not have to stress about being to hungover to go
  2. I take better care of my animals when I am sober
  3. My daughters

  1. I am thoroughly sick of seeing myself as a problem others need to accommodate.

  2. I’m sick of making a hundred excuses, real or not, and having everyone look at me like a lost cause.

  3. Life is never as impossible or horrible as it seems. I can find joy, or at least the first stage of happiness.

  1. I am trying hard to take care of myself for the first time in a long time
  2. I don’t have much time with my girls, I want to make it count
  3. I still still want to be a good example for others

  1. It’s slowly becoming a possibility to me that I might not have to suffer forever. I just assumed it was inevitable but… life isn’t always pain.

  2. People are still reaching out to me. They still want to lift me up. It’s not polite to dig myself deeper while they’re trying to help.

  3. It’s two the frick in the morning and I can’t think so I better freaking not screw myself over or I’ll be ticked off.