Reasons for fighting

  1. I choose to stay sober so i can gain back my self respect
  2. I choose to stay sober so I can focus on getting another job. 100% nightshifts is not good for me
  3. I choose to stay sober so I can be honest and dont live a double life.

  1. I don’t carry the shame I did.
  2. I feel I can call in sick and not worry that everyone is assuming I am hungover.
  3. My daughters deserve the best from me

  1. As long as I don’t love myself, I don’t choose nice relationships.

  2. My parent’s marriage seems to be a case of two people letting problems fester. It hurt me and my brothers. I don’t want to let problems rot.

  3. Tomorrow is visit two of Deal or No Deal with my new therapist. Hopefully she can help me.

  1. My daughters don’t have to see a life full of drinking.
  2. Anxiety about drinking is eliminated when not drinking.
  3. My chaos lessens sober

  1. I embrace challenge when sober.
  2. I don’t have as much guilt doing something for myself, knowing now how important self care is.
  3. My daughters deserve the best in this life

  1. If I don’t drink I don’t have to lie about it.
  2. When I don’t drink I can look at my emotions from the outside a little bit, and decide if I wanna focus on them or not, give them credibility or not. So I choose to emphasize joy and let fear and frustration fly by without more than just a passing glance. “There they go, no need to hold on to those!”
  3. When I am sober I’m not ashamed of myself.

  1. My therapist wants to help me put together my life and as much of a smoking garbage can I tend to be occasionally, I want to contribute.

  2. Stomach ache, time to be smart and do not bad stuff.

  3. I’d like to not wreck every relationship I’ve had like my father has.

  1. I am looking forward to having people over today, while drinking having company made me to anxious.
  2. I want a sober holiday season.
  3. Someone is going to have to be the responsible one today.

  1. If I only ever see my limitations I’ll accomplish nothing.

  2. With this discipline I’ll be able to keep myself in track

  3. Been wanting to do another clean month, that’d be a nice December.

  1. Sobriety
  2. Relationships
  3. Health and safety
  4. Peace, freedom and acceptance
  5. Time
  6. Physical comfort and financial freedom

  1. I’m sick of going to this when I feel bad, as if it’s something nice.

  2. Keeps up the “I can’t” mentality which is apparently a big issue I have.

  3. I’ve got writing I want to get done, so I need the motivation.

  1. This feeds into the toxic environment I’ve been putting up with.

  2. I get less willing to work on myself.

  3. My best friend, who I love, deserves the best of me.

  1. To gain perspective
  2. To transform into a butterfly (and have to go through all icky process until then)
  3. To be connected to my body


I know, right? People talk about cocoons being nice, quiet, cozy places. Really, you stopped feeding yourself, and trapped yourself in something of your own making, to protect yourself from the world. Now you have to rearrange everything about you before you can escape. Good news is that you come out as a butterfly. Haha, sounds like the addiction/recovery journey to me!


Hahahaha. Exactly!

  1. Lately I’ve been trying to push so all of my regrets are the good kind. The kind that show I’m pushing myself instead of the other way around. I might regret doing a thing but it was leaving my comfort zone.

  2. Pushing myself helps me forget the bad stuff as well.

  3. I don’t want my problems to be someone else’s suffering.

  1. I still want to keep believing in being happy.

  2. I’d like to believe I exist for a reason, and if I’m not fulfilling that then what’s the point?

  3. I want to spite everyone who looks down on me.

  1. I can look people in the eyes
  2. I can be the person of reason
  3. My family needs me sober

  1. Addiction related intrusive thoughts. Don’t like that.

  2. The addiction is proof that I am not just a flaming dumpster fire but that I am also not doing enough to fix my life into something worth living.

  3. My therapist wants to help me. I want to show her I’m willing to be helped.

  1. I need to be good for Christmas.

  2. I need the tolerance to not murder my brothers who CAN’T. SHUT. UP. HHHHHH

  3. My therapy homework is thinking of goals n stuff. So gotta keep the negative thoughts down so I can actually come up with something.