Reasons for fighting

  1. My daughters
  2. Proving to people I am much more than they thought
  3. My health

  1. Feeling like I matter.

  2. Being able to stand my ground in hard situations.

  3. Being a good adult.

  1. The less I focus on my problems, the more I can focus on my future.

  2. I can’t control everyone else, just myself.

  3. I don’t want to be ashamed.

  1. It is getting easier to own my problem
  2. My girls need me
  3. Others slow down when I am not racing along side of them


1.) I want to feel like myself again.
2.) I want to be able to save some money and move out.
3.) I want my integrity back.

  1. My therapist seems convinced she will help me. I want to believe her.

  2. I want to put sunshine in other people’s lives.

  3. I can do hard things.

  1. When I can quit and believe I’ve quit, I can maybe stop doing this every night.

  2. The more I’m willing to change the better.

  3. I’d like to be clean for Christmas.

  1. My ability to see clearly
  2. My ability to see how my actions are reflected in what happens around me
  3. My ability to see when I’m heading towards negative, and unforgiving spaces within myself
  4. To do no harm :star2:

  1. So I can be aware of myself

  2. Apparently I might be moving in a few months. Whoever I’m living with ought to have a good impression of me.

  3. So I can finish some writing before next year.

  1. I want to be emotionally available

  2. It’s super inconvenient. Very troublesome.

  3. It’s put a lot of important things on hold.


My reason for fighting…
My 10 year old, Ethan.

  1. Creating sober holiday memories with my family.
  2. Enjoying the holidays, not struggling through them hungover
  3. Bring in control of myself

  1. I am like. At a zero for energy. This isn’t helping.

  2. I sleep worse due to it.

  3. I just know if I’m focused on the addiction I’m going to put off editing writing.

  1. I want to love myself again.

  2. Giving up only adds to the spiralling.

  3. I won’t ever succeed if I don’t try.

  1. I want to be the adult that I couldn’t have.

  2. It will make it harder to stay healthy this month.

  3. Beating this is the only clear direction I have in life at the moment so I’d like to score.

  1. For my self worth

  2. For the future baby steps I take towards functioning better.

  3. For my relationships.

  1. For my career!
  2. For my sense of self
  3. For clarity ! :sparkles:

  1. My fiancé
  2. My family & friends
  3. My animals

  1. More self love.

  2. I want to feel like I deserve this Christmas.

  3. Better sleep.

  1. Better personal responsibility

  2. More willingness to act.

  3. More emotional energy.