Reasons for fighting

  1. I’ve been blessed with a lot of folks who want to see me happy.

  2. Highs won’t ever reach my soul. That’s where chasing happiness comes in.

  3. Aversion has literally never given me anything. I’ve got to face it.

  1. I never measure myself fairly. I have made progress, and I need to keep going.

  2. I want to stop missing out on things

  3. Mom would be proud.

  1. I don’t want this to follow me forever.

  2. It bothers me that this is my safety blanket when crap gets hard.

  3. Better sleep.

  1. Don’t want to let myself down.

  2. Can’t let what the people around me do affect my behavior.

  3. I’m doing a great job right now and I want to keep going.

  1. As my therapist keeps pointing out, baby steps. We’re getting there.

  2. I’m condemning myself too early if I give up.

  3. I want my story to have a happy ending.


Sometimes I can’t force positivity. I don’t feel positive, and that’s ok. These are my reasons for fighting:

  • I hate each event that drove me to this addiction. I hate myself for giving in. Revenge won’t come by caving under pressure. It’ll come by making my life the best it can be.

  • I feel bad now, but the withdrawal will feel worse. I should stop expecting the high and start focusing on the drop.

  • I hate being enslaved by people more powerful than me. It makes me angry that substances have been formulated to more thoroughly ensnare normal, healthy people. Feeding this horrific market enables another person to fall into the same trap. I won’t let that happen.

  1. I don’t want to be tied down by my family’s mistakes.

  2. I have a problem with talking myself into failing. So those beliefs that I’ll fail aren’t right.

  3. I can’t keep waiting to learn how to be happy. I need to recycle the parts of my life that I have to figure it out.

  1. This wouldn’t be my choice if I remembered the pain it’s caused.

  2. I want to leave the things this means behind.

  3. What if I succeed? What if I do it?

  1. I’m not a failure until I quit.

  2. I’m doing a good job.

  3. I can’t blame everyone else for my problems and mistakes. At some point I have to take responsibility.


1 I feel better with myself
2 I understand that My health has improved
3 My connection with the Lord and others is better and real

  1. If I’m too scared to do anything, then I’ll never do anything.

  2. The air’s been smelling like change lately.

  3. I can do hard things.


My three reasons for today:

  1. I’ve finally found the love of my life - someone who accepts every flaw I have and still loves me, but he shouldn’t have to accept drunk me. The only time we fight is when I drink.

  2. My mental health. My anxiety and low self esteem are already terrible on their own. I don’t need alcohol making it worse.

  3. I’ve said I would quit multiple times before this. I need to finally stick with it. I can do this.

  1. Less intrusive thoughts.

  2. I need to get ready for visitors and not feel like crap.

  3. Taking care of myself needs to be a priority.


Your number 1 is great! Cherish and keep that and everything else will fall into place. You CAN do this! :fist_right::fist_left:

  1. Choosing this path is a surefire way to lead myself into the same state I was in years ago.

  2. I am doing my best right now. I can’t spit on that.

  3. Things are ok right now. I want to keep things that way, or better.

  1. Hiding from my feelings worked when crap was too much. Now I’ve got to pay their due.

  2. Regardless or the realisticness of it, I plan to recover from my problems.

  3. This only adds to my helplessness.

  1. I am bound and determined to recover if just out of spite.

  2. It’s about time I liked life a little better.

  3. I’m getting sick. Self. Care.

  1. Wake up and smile.

  2. Clearer skin and eyes.

  3. Better digestion.

  1. I’d like more confidence

  2. I think it’d be just fantastic if I could at least have a good streak built up before the new Toy Story movie.

  3. I don’t want anything holding me back.

  1. Better sleep.

  2. Clearer thinking.

  3. A lot more time for other things.