Reasons for stopping

What made you’s all stop inspiring storiea

Just look around the postings, there are a lot of stories available to read about throughout the app.

You dont need a reason for to stop…
I do it for myself
If you do it for someone… Or something it will never work…


My life was a shit show! I’d lost every single thing possible and still couldn’t stop until one day enough was enough i stopped because I couldn’t do this to myself any more or my loved ones . Today I’m greatful to be clean and live life on lifes terms x


I wanted to be a better mother and example to my son. Kids dont hear what you say,they see what you do. That helped me alot


I woke up Thanksgiving morning, that day and decided. One day turned into 8 months, I’m 41 and I’m sober AF. Somebody once told me YOU DONT PICK THE DAY, THE DAY PICKS YOU.


Amen brother

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Agreed, when my daughter got wrapped around me liking beer and brought me one with the dinner from her toy kitchen it made a big impact on me too.


Mines was definitely for my kids what use am I to them if am dead family is key to me going clean I owe it to my children love you all guys


Sick of being sick ,if i didnt id be dead ,


Tired of the merry go round I guess. I been a pretty functioning alcoholic for 45 years. At 60 now and retired and lots of stressors are gone in my life. And I reckon fat drunk and hungover is no way to enter my bronze years. One day at a time. I’m enjoying my 212th day today. :pray::heart:


The want and need to find myself and who I truly am as a person. The need to correct my known about liver damage before it’s too late. The desire to become a nurse practitioner as I have recently found out I was accepted to the transition program my first application attempt. I could go on…


Wow 45 years a long time well done a lot people a know that are older say it’s pointless giving up now


I’m tired of waking up sick all the time. I’m doing it for my health!

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Like @Dazercat, I drank for my entire adult life starting at 15…and got sober at 56…41 years of drinking and drugs.

What made me stop? YEARS AND YEARS of hating myself, being disappointed in myself, killing myself slowly with drugs and alcohol, existing, not living. I could not bear one more night of praying tomorrow would be different. I could not bear one more day of letting myself down again. It was either kill myself or get sober.

I have been sober for 3 and a half years. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is NEVER to too late to get sober. Never too late to believe in yourself and be kind to yourself. All we have is today, and it’s a fine day to be sober.

Yes, there are two paths you can go by
But in the long run
There’s still time to change
the road you’re on


I stayed almost 1 year clean and realised life was better and happier without having the brain fried by substances. :sunglasses:


I like myself way better when I am myself.


My reason was lost controll over drinking which caused blacking out, destroying my life and relationships, making me deppressed and unhappy. Drinking doesn’t make any sense to me anymore and that’s one of many reasons why I keep sober :wink:


I want to be a good person. That isn’t possible when I have a drink in my hand or alcohol in my bloodstream.


Time to grow up.