Reconnecting with family and friends

How do you get open honest time with your former loved ones after the wreckage of drugs, alcohol and horrible offensive actions?

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i had caused a lot of trouble and stress for the people that loved me most. they’d heard me say i was gonna change my ways plenty of times, and i doubt had taken me seriously for quite a while. rightfully so, previously i never followed through on any of my claims and it was only a matter of time before the worst sides of me showed themselves again. now i try and let my action and behavior speak for me. i’ve changed in a lot of ways, and the ones i care about, who i had lied to so much, screwed over, disappointed, bullshitted, etc. they’ve seen the changes and with time they see that i’m serious about it now, that i’m doing my best daily to not go back to my old ways. just takes time and consistency i think. 'cause i was a shitty alcoholic drug addict for a lot longer than i’ve been clean and sober.



You need to spend some serious time healing yourself before you look to begin those relationships again. Unless they can truly SEE your growth they will be resistant to letting you back in.

Keep it up. YOU CAN DO IT!!

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