Recovering alcoholic

My name is RJ I’ve been an alcoholic for over 20years… I stopped 7/3/17 I had become abusive and very dark to my wife and family, going to work buzzed or still hammered and in general being a super asshole to all including myself… I had gotten to the point I was being wayward online to other women and was in all aspects destroying my marriage and life…I no longer respected life or myself … I got into a heated argument with my wife and after all was said an done had hurt her badly and had little recognition of doing so… my alcoholism had gotten well past the black out stage… was more like I become a prisoner in myself… In short I was jailed, my wife wanted nothing to do with me and was in the midst of separating and divorcing me…so I dig deep after d.t.’s and told myself and god I’d never pick up a whiskey bottle or alcohol again if I could just get this last chance to make it right… letters n letters I sent to my wife apologizing and explaining things and finally she got to were she would write then finally on the phone… I was released and she granted me and let me come home… we still have days that it angers her who I was but I console her and listen and reassure her that man is gone… I’ve been a craftsman and welder for close to 15yrs. I’ve recently went back to school and am getting my degree in welding and engineering. My wife is doing her upmost so I’m doing mine and I feel by us talking and working on things and by me showing my appreciation and love more for her that everything is becoming better and much stronger!! All things threw the lord are possible!


Amen to that @Welder2020.

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