Reflecting and crying alot more now

Since I’m not drinking I’m finding myself crying more. I suppose I’m dealing with my actual emotions and day to day life now that sober folks experience all the time. This is new for me but somehow I feel alive for the first time since I began drinking and using drugs at 15. 20 years ago wow. So much time lost to wanting to “feel good”. Here I am at 35 alone in my apartment no kiddos, no significant other. It sucks.


Hang in there. This journey has a lot of ups and downs. The important thing is your sober. Everything else will fall into place when it’s suppose to. :heart:

I know it feels lonely now but that is powerful: you feel alive now. Just listen to that. There is so much power in you. You’re getting to know your sober self and she is wonderful. I bet she has some interests she never took time to develop before, maybe some activities she never considered?

I know it’s hard now; it sucks feeling alone. But take this as an opportunity to get to know someone new: your sober self. You’ll be surprised at what you discover! :smile:


Emotions are good. Emotions are powerful it is 100% ok. I promise you. They remind us that we are human we all go through the ups and downs. Embrace it build yourself back up strive foward. You got this!!

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Keep holding onto that feeling of feeling alive. It’ll get you through those tough times. You’re finally living! It’s a great thing! But if you feel like after a while of being sober you can’t reel in the emotions maybe seek some therapy or counseling. It can only help. :heart:

I cry sometimes, because I actually allow myself to feel now. I think that it’s an incredible release sometimes, it really is okay and healthy as long as it’s a genuine emotional release. That alone time is so important, too. Those other “things” that we accumulate in life can really get in our way of being ourselves. My first year of sobriety was very free, now 3.5 years in the responsibilities have mounted, and I am so blessed for just getting to be a part of them. With that said, I can’t always just stop everything because I need some chill time to find myself. I still do as much self discovery, recovery, Spiritual practice as possible, but I have to blend it with being a parent, employee, etc… So eat it up while you can, work on you, for you!