Relapse after 4 months

Sober from alchohol for 4 months, just had 2 whiskys now. Shit. For no reason.


Keep going, I know you can do it , addicts tend to want to change the way we feel with unhealthy copying skills. Drugs and alcohol is the solution. I Identify the feeling I don’t want to feel. Talk to someone about it and then I help someone. That’s what recovery teaches. Healthy Coping skills keeps me sober , ONE DAY AT A TIME


Hope you’re in bed now and it stayed with that two. I think you did not “just” started to drink. It’s a disicion. A yes ore a no.
Playing the tape trough is helping me in those situations. How do I feel the day after I drink?
What also helps me is saying I can’t drink today, maybe tomorrow?
But when tomorrow arrives I repeat that line.
Hope you don’t feel to bad. Focus on the good and start over.
One day it will click. Let that be today! :facepunch:

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ĸeιтн ι’ve dιѕcovered wнιѕĸey aѕ well. ѕorry ғor yoυr pιтғall . ι encoυrage yoυ тo ѕтand υp and тaĸe вacĸ тнe мoмenт. ғorgιve yoυrѕelғ and arм yoυr recovery wιтн тнιѕ мιѕтaĸe and тry agaιn. ғoυr мonтнѕ ιѕ eхcellenт . ι can’т geт ғoυr dayѕ мoѕт тιмeѕ .