Relapse after a year

Can’t believe I relapse after almost a year just had my last drink around 3pm and it’s sucks this anxiety

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Thank you going to the clinic in the morning so get some anxiety meds

Thank you for sharing your story…your truth. Like you, I have went long stretches of time in my sobriety, and then gave in to premeditated relapse…the guilt and shame that go along with it is just emotional torture, but you are right….you can’t stay there and sit in that shame because (at least for me) it drives you further down hole.

Like so many others have @Gmoscajal take the lapse for what it was…a lapse, reflect on what drove you to drink, and what you can do differently when you find yourself in a similar situation. Down the road. The work you’ve done is not lost….your efforts were not in vain.

You have proven to yourself that this can be done…don’t forget that, and never stop fighting for you.

We’re all here fighting with you. You’re not alone.



Still felling like my brain is going nuts
But I’ll hang on I’m locked up on my room just resting and meditating I’m not going to caml my anxiety by going to buy booze


Thank God I made it today without a drink
Been shaking a lot with anxiety is 1:10 in the morning got some food in my stomach
Shaking stop for the past hour not sleepy
Hopefully tomorrow can get a better sleep