Relapse after dog passed away

Hi guys i wasnt online in few weeks my dog passed away on tve 17 february since then i drink again 1 day a week i couldnt handle the pain and grief i feel so dirty so much as a loser i want stoo again 1 day a week alkohol is not good and also a addiction the heart pain and grief the sadness is better now but i am angry at myself that i could not handle this tragic loss in a other way i want stop i hate alkohol


First, I’m so sorry about your dog. That’s heart breaking. We don’t deserve them. They are so amazing.

Next, don’t be too angry with yourself for relapsing (it’s easy to feel that way though for sure - I’ve been there). Take solace in the fact that you know you can kick this, that you have had success before and get back to it.

You’ve got this.


TBH a year ago I would have thought how pathetic and then I got a puppy that I didn’t want but it kept my Mrs happy but a year later I had to let the dog go bc we were unable to give it what It needed as we were never at home. I too could have got drunk but only my Higher Power saved me this time. Although there are no justifiable resentments to drinking I would like to say I do feel your pain. Those goddam little animals have a way of getting into our hearts and I will never get over him. Take care :hugs:


Hallo Daniela, schön, dass du wieder da bist :innocent::pray: es tut mir sehr leid, dass dein Hund gehen musste. Viele liebe Grüße, Franzi