Relapse and struggling

Hi I was on alot of tramadol and codeine I got clean for 15 days then relapsed ever since which is about a week and a half a go I cant stop I’m so scared of the withdrawals again. Please can anyone help with things that help with withdrawal? I’m desperate

Have you considered rehab or a detox facility? Other than that, time is the only thing that helps. It took me about a month to start feeling “normal” again.

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I’ve never used those drugs personally…I went through a lot of withdrawals though with alcohol and those are deadly and scary because I was starting to hallucinate and had really bad tremors and had a hard time breathing and couldn’t sleep or eat or anything. Getting into a detox was the best thing I ever did but I was pretty mangled and beaten before I went that route however it’s the safest and most comfortable way to get off substances. Most of the time I had to just endure the pain and horror of the withdraws at home and pray to God I didn’t die. Nothing really helps except sleep. There are hotlines and places you can call just to talk to someone who would know more information about these particular drugs and withdraw symptoms. I highly suggest doing to an NA meeting and sharing with the people there what you’re going through because they’ve all been there and can help you through it. You never have to be alone, there are so many people who are there to support you and help you if you want it.


Better to kick sooner then later longer u wait worst it will be but u got to come down one day.u can do it mind over matter

I’m in the UK and the rehab is so expensive for 28 days its 10,000 I just dont have the cash even the cheaper one were 5000. I wish I could.

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Jade have a look in to your local drug and alcohol services if you havn’t already, it may be called cgl, my local one is a cgl and helped me massively :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Please don’t do what @YsaeYats said about drinking wine. You will be trading one addiction for another. Don’t just look into a detox center or rehab, do it, you need this to live. You are worth getting sober for yourself, family, and friends.

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