Relapse ffs

2 weeks sober at home with my family, return to the barracks and I relapse WTF, will this shit ever end?

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It is you who will end this shit Adrian. By whatever means you can think off. You’ll need help because we can’t do it alone but still it is you that has to make it happen. Somehow. Coming here is a good first step. Asking for help is too. And it will be hard work. But it can be done. Success.


I’m in a life I can’t escape … I thought I was doing well . Now I’m pissed at 01:11

Get yourself to bed and get some sleep - start tomorrow a new day.
What made you pick up that first drink tonight? What can you do instead next time?
Nothing changes if nothing changes, in my opinion, you’re going to have to change people and places for a while until your stronger in your sobriety. And I don’t mean avoiding work but changing what you’re doing outside of work…
Great effort on getting to 2 weeks! You can get there again, for me it was all about doing everything I possibly could to say no to that first drink and building as much support around me as I could. It was so hard in the beginning but it won’t always be that way, hang in there, don’t give up giving the drink up x


How this? Are you in the army or what does the barracks mean?

My favourite sobriety saying is: Bould a life you don’t need to escape from. It seems very fitting to your situation.

What can you do? What will you do?

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Yes I’m in the army and it’s a massive drinking culture

I’m an army veteran. Yes, drinking is a big part of the culture but like everywhere else not everyone drinks. Find new buddies if your current ones are dangerous for your sobriety. Tell your friends you aren’t drinking anymore. If they can’t respect that then are they friends or just people who want to bring you down with them? Even in the military it is possible to have a life free of drugs and alcohol if you want it bad enough. Do they have AA meetings On your post? If not, look for one outside.

It won’t be easy. It will take a lot of work, desire and will power but it is possible to live sober in the military.


It will when You gonna start being honest with Yourself and start treating Your own body like Ferrari :slight_smile:

I was in a big drinking industry as well. Oil and Gas. Being a high up manager my days were mainly “wining and dining” people. When I first quit I was worried but everyone seemed to be respectful of it.

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A good friend of mine got sober while remaining a highly successful beer salesman. He stayed in that job a good 5 years into sobriety.

You can be in the culture without being of the culture.

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Adrian, how are you going today?