Relapse in sex addiction


Hey and welcome. Congrats on being sober for years in one area. And although you relapsed with the sex addiction I’m pretty sure you know what to do; you managed for 4 months. So go back to those tools,plus you’ve gotten good advice here. @Sophiesrecovery is someone I think who could help;no offense fellas…I just think sometimes it helps to find another female who’s dealing with the same problem, cuz we as females already find it challenging to come out about this kinda stuff. I’m like your next door neighbor, I’m a female porn and masturbation addict,so I have a close idea of what you’re going through.


No offense taken. #ittakesavillage


Definitely. Community. Sisterhood. Brotherhood. Whatever it takes.


Agreed,once it’s safe…so no Kool aid lol right? @rmgrimmer


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I guess getting hiv ,aids and sexurally transmitted diseases is a great way to live too rite?


That sounds like the way to go down. In a blaze of glory! Or like a lot of pain and humiliation.


Sophie hasn’t been around in a while but she’s definitely good to talk to.


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And excessive drama, mind boggling introspection about why you can’t relate intimately in a normal way, self loathing while you look for your underwear trying to quietly dip out before you have to eat breakfast, agonizing days of waiting for your period to come or enough time to take a pregnancy test, shit talk from people about what a slut you are assuming people you fuck might know eachother.

I don’t think I have a sex addiction. I do think I had a massive promiscuity problem before I had my son. I don’t know why I did it or why it was relativly easy for me to stop. I do know that everything you said and that I said were a part of my day to day life for about a year and a half. I graduated highschool a virgin. Between the ages of 17 and a half and 19 and a half (when I got an std and found out I was 5 months pregnant with my son) I had slept with 4/5 of the sex partners I have had in my lifetime. The sex with the remaining 1/5 over the next 17 years was increadiably more fulfilling and my self esteem about myself has been so much better.

@Chey, I am so excited for this path you are on. There is so much waiting for you. hugs


Yeah sex with a committed partner is much better than rando hook ups. I did that shit bc I thought that’s what macho dudes in the early 20’s do. Took me a long time to realize that most people don’t do that and definitely don’t think it’s cool.


I like that you used “rando” we use that a lot in our house. Second what you all said. The one and only sec partner I’ve ever had was/is my wife. Not that I’m all virtuous or anything, but it is a lot more special.


I would like to settle down and get married at some point now that I’m not a raging drug addict. It would be nice if the next person I slept with was my last, but she will definitely be someone I’m in a committed relationship with.


Thank you, I needed that. Eloquently put.




I was just thinking a little more about this. I was listening to a female AA recovery speaker on YouTube yesterday. I do not know much about this but since I am single for a while right now I was going to look it up and talk with people in AA about it. I forget which step it is associated with but at some point some sponsors have us make something called a sex ideal. I suppose this is to relationship shop in recovery with clarity. Just thought I would toss it out there if it at all helps with your addiction, although it is probably already a part of your program, I would think.