Relapsed after 1 day

So I relapsed on cocaine about a half hour ago… I made it though almost the whole day 1 and then my dealer dropped off a dub to say thank you for watching his puppy for the day… I had no self control and feel bad about my relapse… why is it so hard to get off cocaine? I used to use meth and actually that was much easier to get off of than this. I’m 6 months clean off meth, and roughly 30 minutes off cocaine.


That’s just your drug of choice!
That’s how I feel about meth… I’m 11 days clean off it but I’m only sober becuz I am in a sober living community…
Idk how to think about not using or how do I get the want and desire to STAY sober once I leave here …

There are programs and support networks for getting sober.
Everyone benefits from having a program and support.
Try NA.

And stop hanging out with your dealer.


Congratulations on the first 24 hours and congratulations on the last 30 minutes! I’m still in my first 48 hours of my recovery from alcohol myself so I don’t know much to help just now.

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Wouldn’t even consider that a relapse, more like a false start.

Avoid the dealer, that’s a no brainer.

Dump the rest and start again.


Hi Emma, sorry to hear about your relapse. This shit is haaaard. But: you can do it. If any of us can, so can you babe.

I remember that first advice given to you on your other thread was to cut contact with all your friends who drink and drug as well as your dealers. It should be obvs now that was really good advice. No more puppy-sitting, no more hanging out, delete their numbers. If they are your friends, they’ll understand and support you. If not - why should they be in your life at all then?!

Get rid of any you’ve left over. And start afresh. Go to bed or go for a walk. Better yet use that coke high to look into NA in your area or virtual meetings.

Hope to catch you soon!


Yeah I agree. No point getting aggrieved over it! Onwards and upwards. :zap:


Dump the rest of the stuff and also the dealer. That’s just a slippery slope waiting on you.

Sounds like you are strong. Chasing that high just gets old and more dangerous. Get off the hamster wheel :hamster: and believe in yourself. You deserve so much more :heart:


If you’re babysitting your dealers dog, you’re friends with him. That needs to end ASAP, else you won’t get anywhere, you’re money to him, so sad to say he can care less about your health, he wants that $$$


Dont think many of us would make it past day one if someone dropped off randomly plenty of our drug of (no) choice.

If someone dropped an 18 pack off my first day…no shot Id make it.

You can do this.


You aren’t doing yourself any favors by watch a drug dealers dog


If ya ask me in active addict mode. Id do it just for this intention.🤷 So was it intentionally setup? Who knows … Always coulda said nah i could use the cash more right now… To each thier own i guess… we are a product of our environment…

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I drove my dealer to NYC and back (4 hours one way) on the hopes he might throw me something so I definitely get that.