Relapsed after 11 days sober 😔


Feeling guilty for letting myself down after doing so well… I think aa meetings are going to be my next route, I don’t think I can handle this on my own.


You don’t have to handle this, or anything for that matter, alone anymore. Check out a meeting and ask for help. They’ve been where you are and want to help. Glad you’re here.


11 days is such an achievement, sorry you had a blip but keep going just image how good you are going to feel going beyond 11days next time.



AA has been great for me so far - sobriety can feel like a lonely place, but it doesn’t have to. Finding a network of other sober people has been invaluable to me. Good luck :two_hearts:


You may have let yourself down this time, but you are still trying! You don’t lose until you give up. You haven’t given up!

Good for you for considering a different route this time on this new attempt. You realized that your previous approach was not effective, so now you’re changing things and having another shot at it – that’s progress, in my eyes.

Part of obtaining lasting sobriety is finding out what works for you – that’s what you’re doing right now.

Keep at it! :slight_smile:


Hey, you’ve got a plan in place and an idea of next steps. That’s about achievement in itself. Youre not giving up :muscle:

I think this sobriety thing is much easier with a solid support system in place. Groups, therapy, friends and loved ones, whatever it is, it helps to have someone to turn to when a craving pops up.

All the best moving forward x


That’s a good plan. That’s my plan for if I ever drink even one drink. I don’t want to go to meetings, so that’s just a bit more motivation to stay sober. Day 340 since the last drink I will ever take.


Hey Hazydayz, just checking in. How’s it going? Is this day 5 since the relapse? Are you feeling any better?


Thank you everyone for all your comments… I’m on day 8 again now and feeling strong. :muscle::heart: