Trying to pick up the pieces again. Demon alcohol has quite the grip.


You can do it hang in there

That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I don’t think it’s only one thing


I think you nailed it…truly a demon too

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Well done for coming back mate!

The only thing that’s make you drink is that you wanted too!

What you need is a program of recovery. The compulsion to drink has been lifted out of me for 18 months.

You need to fully surrender and be in the mindset that you cannot drink again

You need a plan of action. What you going to do?


It’s okay. We’ve all been there. I was there this week. It’s important to figure out the process- what we’re you thinking and feeling- and how you can get through it next time.

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Well, what happened? What can you do different? Ever thought of a program like SMART, AA, ect?

Learn from this. Relapse happens, but it doesnt have to.

Today is a new day. I’m on day 12 here and yesterday the urge got so bad. I ended up just laying on the couch under a big blanket and going over all the negative stuff that came with my drinking. Nothing fixed for supper when my husband came home. Told him I had put myself in time out for awhile. Lol. Sounds childish but that was the only thing that kept me from heading to the liquor store. I can’t think too far ahead or it overwhelms me sometimes. Just for today I’m not going to drink. You can do it! We’re here for you :blush:

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Demons can have a grip but dont let them fool you we were given the strength to break these chains ! Nice to meet you @Almosctcool im trucker J