Relapsed but i did learn something about fake friends

im being hounest. i relapsed for the millionth time.

i woke up in a good mood until i got a message of a “friend” messin with my head. he said it was a joke but like, what the heck. it was a pretty weird joke.

im kinda rethinking me and this guys friendship. it could be fuled on the fact i smoke and buy bud. kinda got blinded from the fact i smoked lots of marijuana with him. a fake friendship used to get high. maybe i did the same to him i guess and im seeing a ray of hope from the fact that i dont want or need weed in my life and im seeing it before my friend.

i thought this could be helpful for someone in a sketchy spot in life.

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My relapse that happened back in December 31st/January 1st happened when I allowed a “friend” to manipulate the situation even though he knew I was sober. Yes, I allowed it. I’m not a victim. He didn’t pour it down my throat. It did make me see things I didn’t see before. Drinking/using buddies are out for themselves and don’t have to deal with the consequences. Never again, will I give my sobriety away freely to a douchbag.



my sobriety means so much to me.

ive seen it bring strong people to their knees like it brought me and other family members

the guilt a relaps brings to me is crazy. resetting that timer again and again just completely drives me nutts.

your a very kind person melrm
dont let anyone stop you from doing whats right for you

i feel a little better

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heyy guys
i just wanted to say i talked to my friend and i smoothed it over

and i did it sober

i loved that i turnt it down

got to keep going


First off congratulations on realizing you don’t need the weed or the so called friend in your life. When getting clean you have to weed out all the negatives in your life, whether it is friends and/or family, so you can work on you.

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focusing getting rid of negativity for a bit sounds good to me
working on myself is also deff needed

I think you need to do that to help yourself

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