One week sober and proud of it until I went to this dinner tonight and relapsed…all due to my anxiety about my upcoming exam next week. I am truly sorry I have let myself and you guys down…


Hi @Cloudberry …reset and start again… don’t give up…build on your week and improve it…:grin:


Well…relapse sucks. Most of us have been there, i have been. Make this relapse count. What did it show you about your addiction?..what can you take from the experience and grow stronger from? What can you do next time?..

A sober life is worth living. You are worth a sober life


Thank you. I am truly worth a sober life. I am looking forward to my exams and starting a better life :heart:


I am refusing to give up. My drive towards sobriety is going to be stronger than the will to drink :heart:


Early on, I never went anywhere there was alcohol. I just wasnt strong enough to say no. I knew if I had one, i was going to have many. There are times now after 261 days, that if i dont feel strong, I stay away from social gathering with it. Just food for thought


Thanks. I will try to avoid social gatherings for a while…although with the holidays coming up I might just need to fess up to my family who have no idea about my problems…


I’m with @anon46927530 on this one. I’ve not been anywhere yet and I’m on day 38. What I’m going to do over the silly season I’ve not really thought about cuss that only starts anxieties. But I can say this, if I don’t feel up to it I won’t go. Simple! My sobriety is more important to me at the moment than going to some party.
What you tell your family and friends, at this point is your business. Do you need to tell them anything, apart from I’m not drinking today thanks?
Anyway. Think on it, what’s more important to you?


I do not feel ready to tell my family although I know I cannot deal with this alone. I have already tried theraphy…

Well keep trying it your way, it’s gotten you this far.

My suggestion, take the easy way out. Let everyone know you’re struggling with alcohol. Get into an active recovery program like AA, or SMART, and get help from others as well as give your help to them.

It can be awfully hard for a smart person to feel like they cannot figure something out on their own, it can be awfully hard to accept you are not bigger than your cravings.

Keep trudging.


Thanks for the advice :heart: I do feel that my mom suspect that I am struggeling with alchohol but we have not talked about it because I have always been a «good girl» in her eyes. Aka. Not drinking. She has no idea.

I found this app yesterday and I didn’t realize until reading all these posts… I totally can relate and I have found myself coming here and reading as much as I can. This is my new support. Don’t think anyone else would understand except you guys. :wink:


Welcome to the party :slight_smile:

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Thank you, this is my first time admitting my problem and first time realizing that I have an unhealthy addiction to being a private fugal buzz seeker.

The first step is always realizing it. It is tough. Too tough. I realized I had a problem a few days ago and I am so happy I found this place :heart: It is filled with love and acceptance. Glad you are here :heart:

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You are the best :heart::heart::heart: Thank you :heart::heart::heart: I feel so bad I just want to cry my eyes out…

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Babies don’t get up and just walk perfectly, they fall, a lot. We don’t get mad when they fall, we encourage them to get back up and keep trying.
Don’t be so hard on yourself. Plenty of people have lots of day 1’s. Get up nd try again, until you get it.
Also, I bought the book, but listened to it on Audible, and it’s really helpful…This Naked Mind. The idea is to change how you feel/think of alcohol. Personally I find it helpful to research alcohol, and how it affects the body and brain.
Keep going, you can do it.


:sob::sob::sob: Thank you. I have not checked out the litterature and podcasts yet because it took a while for me to realize I have a problem. The reason I am here is because I recognize the physical and psyche damage the alchohol is doing to my body.

It’s the alcohol that makes you feel bad… it is not our friend… even though at times it seems to be our only friend at times. You are a good person. And right here you have a fast friend that can relate with you. My eyes got open yesterday after reading these threads. I am not alone and neither are you. I am committing to being honest here. You can hide drinks from other people but not yourself. I think being honest for once is going to help me. Commit to staying honest here, I think that will help your journey getting away from the lies alcohol does to us. :heart:


I realized I had a problems years ago. I never wanted to accept my powerlessness over my affliction. I did the drinking rules bit, i justified drinking because I made it to work and supported a family, I leaned on all the “good times” I had while drinking and minimized the aweful times.

Dive head first into your sobriety, deep end of the pool, dont just wade in. Try everything, try it several times before formulating an opinion.

It is progressive and it will get worse, there’s a lot of people who can attest to this on this forum and millions worldwide.