Relapsed yesterday and I feel so bad

So yesterday I relapsed. I drank too much, just couldn’t stop and had a quarrell with my boyfriend. Maybe with other people too but I can’t even remember. No serious consequences but I feel so ashamed. Is there a way out of all of this?


There is away out, but it’s very difficult. Ultimately, reinvent your perspective and how you see the world. Changing habits and thoughts takes time, plus tremendous effort!

It’s so worth it!


You’ve done a tremendous thing by admitting your relapse and coming here to find the support to get through this. You have a great deal of course to admit this mistake, which is exactly all it is this doesn’t define the rest of your life. One day at a time, do the next right thing, let go of the past, make amends with those you harmed, self love and acceptance. Contiunento seek help WE stay sober I get drunk. This journey isn’t taken alone. We are here for you.


Nobody’s perfect. Live and learn. Find the source of your trigger. Recovering addicts relapse for a reason.

Just get back on the horse and try again…so many of us tried and failed several times before putting a bit of a dent in sobriety. It’s kinda part of the process for many, so might as well get it over with right?

Assuming you’ve lapses under the 1 month mark, the first little while it may help to count the days you spent sober in a month then try to string more and more of them together.

I use to drink everyday, I couldn’t make it past a weekend, but I dropped it from a 3 day binge to a 2 day then just one day, at the end of that month I realized that I only drank 4 days that month. Looking at it backwards helped make it more manageable. After that I was able
To keep going. So far it’s been 10 months!

Also, check out SMART recovery or some meetings or counselling. They can really help you find the tools you need to make better chalices when your blinded by a craving.


A lot of people don’t understand, that this is one of the hardest battles you will go thru in life. But keep remembering that you are not alone. Sometimes I forget too, but then I get on here and read your stories and know that it’s not only hard for me, and if someone who is struggling can do 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, a year. Then I know I can too.

90 meetings in 90 days.

Get a sponsor.

Do the steps to the best of your ability.

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