Relapsing and hospitalization

I relapsed self harm about a month ago, I have bipolar disorder type 2, and have been taken off all medication. I am slowly losing my mind, and was recently released from a psychiatric hospital because I am “a danger to myself and others”. That went on my permanent record, I won’t be able to get a good job now. I see no point of going on. I am not suicidal right now, just hopeless. I need advice, anything. Thanks in advance.

I’m here for you! We all are, you’re not alone.

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Which country are you from? Being sectioned should never impact on your job prospects, you dont have you declare it as its not a prison sentence. Its a bit like being admitted to a general ward, i dont tell my employers ive been hospitalised with blader problems as such, so mental health is no different.


And you been discharged because you are NOT posing danger to self or others x


Desperate situations call for desperate measures. First pick up the phone and call your local emergency number. Second, call a Help number. Third, take a walk, walk to your nearest church, hospital, …Where ever you can talk to someone else. You Are Not Alone!!! Even within this app you have a community that supports you.