Relationship over and I'm struggling on day 2

I’m nearly on day 3 sober it doesn’t sound much now I’ve written it down, but it feels much longer! Yesterday my 5yr relationship finished mainly because of his drinking. I’m really struggling and all I can think of is having a drink. Should I drink whilst I’m mourning the loss of my relationship and then try again in a few weeks or months because this just feels too hard and I just feel like I’m gonna cave.

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@Joanne I know your struggle, I lost my son in october and my solution was to drink and take benzos… However it made the loss SO much worse, the depression and anxiety amplified to lows I couldn’t bare anymore. So I decided to quit it all… 45 days in I still feel the pain but doing it sober makes a world of difference. All I can say that what helped me was staying true to myself…

Thank you so much for replying, it means so much. I haven’t succumbed I’m drinking a cup of tea… reading your message has given me some much needed strength so thanks again and well done… you’re very strong to have come this far with something so unthinkable x

Try not to drink. Life throws, and will throw, a lot at you. After a relationship ends you should focus on self-improvement and the bottle won’t help with that :slight_smile:

Thank you Robin, it is the first time I’ve used this forum and I can’t believe how much it is helping, just knowing that you are all out there supporting each other is comforting.

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Like they’ve already stated, drinking for a negative reason will make things much worse. You’ll wake up hungover with nothing accomplished.

Take it from me, when my relationship ended, I hit the bottle hard. While in the inebriated state I felt okay, then bam, the next day I over analyzed everything and changed nothing. Then I began to focus on myself, something I could actually fix, and everything changed and became so much better.

In fact, I was able to see just how shit that relationship was, and how pathetic I was compared to who I really was and am. I’m 8 days sober and I can tell you the strides I’ve covered are amazing, I don’t even feel like having a drink. Hang tough, everything happens for a reason, change your perspective and it will be a positive event in your timeline!


Thank you Success, I feel stronger with each msg. I’m hoping I will be able to msg 8 days sober soon… Well done :blush:

You are strong, you’ve made the necessary initial steps to succeed :smile:

I can’t wait for 2 weeks, almost every one says it is the most rewarding time in the beginning stages. But my clarity is simply amazing…I can’t believe I wasted most of my 20’s to a fucking depressant. But hey, you live and you learn :wink:

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Hi J - hang in there for 2 weeks.
It seems a long time but it isn’t, and the clarity you’ll have after 2 weeks is worth all the ups and downs. I’m much calmer and more able to cope now, it’s like a part of me I’d forgotten about has come back and it will happen to you!